Microbioma More people getting worse from Microbioma. Plus, the admin of the biggest FMT facebook group seems to have been bought out. (2021)


Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023

When I was volunteering for Microbioma there were many people on the Facebook groups criticizing Microbioma for being sketchy. I mostly ignored it and suggested ways we could improve on that, but the guy running it seemed to be very sensitive to criticism. He mentioned talking to the admin of the Facebook group to see if he could buy the group and ban the people being critical. It seems he's been successful. He's suspiciously silent now, while a couple other very suspicious accounts go around spreading malicious lies in favor of Microbioma. And the admin has removed competition and criticism of Microbioma while allowing Microbioma-associated accounts to egregiously, and even more so, violate the same "rules" he uses as an excuse to justify removing those people.

The admin's excuse for removing me was "Rule 1. Disrespecting". Even though I had only "disrespected" someone after they were exposed for lying about a potentially deadly medical product, and then doubled down on even more lies once they were caught.

There are numerous other people who violate that rule on a regular basis and don't get removed. Including one troll account that started acting exactly like Ivan, and spreading malicious lies right after Microbioma got exposed.

Microbioma threatened the Admin of another group with legal action, and that admin banned all Microbioma accounts and all mention of Microbioma as a result. Now there are accounts going around telling people to PM them.

Ivan also hired people to try to take down this sub. They made a bunch of alt accounts to brigade this sub, which were banned site-wide by the reddit admins. If they did that here, on a site they don't even use, they're certainly doing it on Facebook, where they spend most of their time.

I consulted with someone who had convinced me to just keep quiet about it, but I suppose I owe it to the people who don't have the full picture, and will get harmed because of lack of information.

If Sue Pa is Ivan's alt account then shrug, I've already warned people. If it's a real account then they're only harming themselves and others. She/he isn't accomplishing anything useful by spreading lies about me. Either way it's an extremely suspicious account, that from the start, has been doing sketchy and nonsensical things.

They seem to be going with "the best defense is offense". Not even trying to rebut any claims, but rather just viciously attack people who spread information.

By the way, someone asked "why is it only you posting about this?". That's a really good question... https://maximiliankohler.blogspot.com/2021/06/idiocracy-part-2-poorly-functioning.html

Look at the history of this sub. I'm basically the only person posting. I have to post the accounts of other people because the vast majority of people are going about a potentially-deadly medical procedure extremely unscientifically, dangerously, and stupidly. And apparently don't see the value of systematically tracking and reporting results to avoid wasting thousands of dollars at best, and possibly even killing/maiming yourself...

Another good question is why none of the hundreds/thousands of other people who know very well that what Sue Pa and others are saying isn't true, don't speak up about it. It's like no one gives a shit about anyone else who would get harmed by the spread of misinformation. It's incredible and hard to believe. But I guess it can't be too surprising given how little they care for their own well-being as well.

I've historically been the sole watchdog for FMT (you can look through my history on this sub and /r/fecaltransplant), while trying to find a high-quality donor for myself, but there should have been hundreds of people up in arms over someone in their community charging them thousands of dollars and lying to them about a potentially deadly medical product. Instead, it seemed like if anything, even more people purchased from them after that. Truly mindboggling.

I didn't originally start this. Someone who purchased from them made a post about it. I only confirmed some details about their account since I had inside information since I volunteered with Microbioma for two years. And then the guy running Microbioma started lying about more things that I had intricate knowledge on given my time volunteering, so of course I responded to that. The rest is mostly carrying on what I've been doing for the past 6 years, plus, in the words of Greta Thunberg "because no one else is".

I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I'm simply doing my duty and letting people know there's a cliff over there. If you want to jump off it, go for it. I'm done losing sleep over idiots harming themselves. In fact, I love that Microbioma is basically acting like a punishment for these people's behavior.

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