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Hi Michael Harrop !! I m Lindi De Medeiros l m New Member here and l m really Happy To be a part of the Team in the future !!
I Hope everything is going well to l start with Human Microbiome this Amazing opportunity to Help the science and peoples!!
Greetings Lindi. Im Robert and Im new to the forum and this opportunity as well. I never imagined there was such a deep study involving FMT. I just spent over a week reading all the fascinating links that Dr. Harrop has provided.
Hello there dear fellows at Human Microbes Forum , i'm a new member here my name is Jhen Rivera i'm looking forward sharing as well as to exchange ideas to get our stool community supported and have Mr Michael Harrop headed to lead this way , in that order of ideas , i'm bringing in on my co-working fellows partners municipal structure command coordenates members that cognitivelywise are with me .
Michael, hi! I have some viable information and experience with donors and administering FMT’s. My husband and I traveled to Australia to meet with Prof. Borody, he taught me everything I needed to know and together we cured my husband of his ulcerative colitis. The donor does not have to be super, perhaps more FMT’s are required to achieve the end result. It works, like manure works to fertilize!
Michael Harrop
Michael Harrop
Yes, that is covered in the wiki https://humanmicrobiome.info/fmt/#procedure. It's true that people can benefit from low-quality donors, but it's a matter of risk vs reward, and percentages. How many other people would benefit from that donor? How many would be harmed? That is what I try to figure out. Even with seemingly-great donors, people can still be harmed.
I have a post on here about a clinic in the US that does FMT for patients without recurrent cdiff infections. I've only had cdiff once, so am not a candidate at other places I've looked into.