Microbioma Microbioma FMT - Failure Conditions being treated: SIBO/IBS-M - developed some sort of skin irritation on my face that I never had previously. (2021)



Jul 13, 2023
Clinic name: Microbioma.org
Result: Failure
Conditions being treated: SIBO/IBS-M

I did a course of 6 FMTs from Microbioma.org. I spoke to the owner via email and he was very helpful/professional in answering questions about the donor and also filled in a questionnaire I sent with extras that are not included.

Package arrived in dry ice via next day courier and was in good condition/well packaged. Cost was about €1700.

After doing all 6 FMTs over the course of a 6 week period, I've had no change in symptoms at all. I've also developed some sort of skin irritation on my face that I never had previously, something like a minor rash/blotching.

However, the biggest issues I have with Microbioma are the following:
  1. The website and business seems extremely money/commercially driven.
Why do i say this? The site is full of user testimonials that look dubious and cannot be verified. Furthermore, the website claims that their donor (only 1 available in Europe) is a super donor. However, there is absolutely ZERO evidence this donor is a superdonor. Which leads me on to point 2.
  1. Claims of success and donor quality with absolutely no data to back up these claims.
Let's be real. The owner of this business is sending out FMT prep for people to self-administer for medical issues. If this person cared about the health of the customers/buyers, they would get more detail on their medical condition and follow up at set intervals to find out the efficacy of the treatment. Since purchasing from Microbioma, I've heard 0 times from the owner Ivan. In my opinion, claiming this person is a superdonor when the owner has done absolutely no patient follow up is nothing short of a scam. This is classic snake oil salesman type of approach.

So while communication, packaging etc were all good, I would highly recommend that people stay away from this company until they start tracking patient outcomes and provide evidence for their claims of success.

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