Microbioma Microbioma.org WARNING. "Ivan Watson" alias of the person running it, has resorted to blatant lies in order to sell his product. (2021)


Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
Someone posted this thread saying they contracted eczema from Microbioma.org's donor. That thread was then shared on the Facebook FMT group. Ivan Watson replied to the thread with a blatant lie. When I challenged the lie he doubled down on it (very moronically I might add).

Two copies of the same set of pictures/screenshots:

Additionally, I have seen him say racist things. https://lensdump.com/i/ZOswp5

Link to post https://www.facebook.com/groups/1676427302597468/posts/2921966228043563/

My original comment was reported to Facebook and removed by Facebook because:

"This comment goes against our Community Standards on harassment and bullying. We have these standards because we want everyone on Facebook to feel respected and welcome."

So I'm copying it here.
Lmao. You're a fucking incompetent moron. And an extremely unethical one at that. You may have had a chance to get away with your new bold faced lie, but you're apparently extremely stupid. Here's a screenshot of the current questionnaire page showing that the dermatitis question is indeed STILL a "yes/no" not a "1-5".

You're even more so an incompetent idiot because you know full well that not only am I right but I have the evidence in writing... Fucking facepalm. You absolute moron. I can't believe you're this stupid.

I was leaving you alone completely until you've now decided to start blatantly lying to people. You've brought this entirely on yourself. I'm publishing this publicly now.

And these fucking idiots still upvoting your replies. Lmao.

Your activities pose zero threat or competition to me. Our goals are not aligned whatsoever. I haven't mentioned my project a single time in this thread, nor ever in relation/competition to yours.

It was very obvious when I was volunteering for Microbioma.org that you were unscientific, ignorant, and have various cognitive deficits, including impaired learning.

If I was an unethical sociopath like you I would have tried to claim one of the 6000+ donors I screened was a "super donor", and urged people to give me thousands of dollars to use the donor. Instead, I told them I didn't think any of the applicants were promising and to keep waiting.

And to all the spectators: No you cannot tell whether someone has eczema or similar by meeting them in person or via video chat. The eczema could be on hidden parts of their body, and/or could come and go.

"after checking with some microbiome expert it was a VERY good sign, a huge oxalate dump on my skin I was not detoxing properly"


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