RDS, FL RDS, AR. *Warning*. More bad results. I would recommend people stop using this donor. (2018)

RDS infusions, Florida

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
I did a single transplant from Mike Garcia but through RDS (I've got two in the freezer from him, but have delayed treatment until I deal with a sinus infection). You can go through RDS if you choose, which will cost you an additional $200 for a consult with the doctor (Dr. Shepard), which I don't think MG requires. Mike's a reputable guy and I had good results with his fecal matter (unfortunately, I did a RDS Infusion from donor AR, which had negative effects, after the MG one, and then decided that I was going to deal with my sinus infection before moving forward). I don't think you need to worry about dealing with MG Infusions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1676427302597468/permalink/2082801285293399 -MEH

I received three MG and three AR transplants from RDS. I did one MG with good results, and then followed with AR, and thought she was a bad donor. As Dr. S had recommended doing one every other day, I started with MG, had formed stool and a couple of good nights sleep, then did AR. Following the AR transplant, I had the internal shakes, horrible insomnia, reflux, and diarrhea. I tossed out the other two AR transplants I thought she was so bad. I'm also not sure she didn't permanently negatively impact my gut. And I qualify here that I'm in reasonable shape after years of frequent dose chelation. I would never recommend AR as a donor. I'm going to eventually do my remaining two MG transplants, and I think he's a reasonably donor. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1676427302597468/permalink/2128655427374651/ -MEH


One person who wants to remain anonymous on an FMT facebook group because they say they do not know what caused the problems since they only came after day 6.

"feeling sick/poisoned"

"1 hour after taking capsules with a meal today, I got real sick and am throwing up. Things were going pretty well until this. I'm wondering if it's completely unrelated or related to the FMTs."


My comment: It seems that only some of the AR infusions are contaminated/problematic. The first ones I got seemed great, and the next ones not. Then got more later that were helpful and not problematic.

See 2nd half of: https://forum.humanmicrobiome.info/threads/rds-ar-partial-cfs-ibs-arthritis-and-more-2018.75/

Donor info:
Age: 16yrs old

Stool type : medium , meaning not too hard not too soft. Type 3 and 4 on bristol stool chart

Consistentcy: pretty much the same each time

Diet: consistent daily( healthy) protein, fruits, vegetables.

Physical health: healthy teenage girl

Physical fitness: competitive dancer, cheerleader, track runner, daily exercise.

Food intolerances: haven’t really found any.

Allergies: no allergies

Lifetime antimicrobial use: very little maybe a handful of times since a baby, we’ve been very blessed and very lucky not to have a sick child. Although she was never a daycare child either

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Original 10 Aug 2018.
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