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Jul 6, 2023
Donor info:
Age: 16yrs old

Stool type : medium , meaning not too hard not too soft. Type 3 and 4 on bristol stool chart

Consistentcy: pretty much the same each time

Diet: consistent daily( healthy) protein, fruits, vegetables.

Physical health: healthy teenage girl

Physical fitness: competitive dancer, cheerleader, track runner, daily exercise.

Food intolerances: haven’t really found any.

Allergies: no allergies

Lifetime antimicrobial use: very little maybe a handful of times since a baby, we’ve been very blessed and very lucky not to have a sick child. Although she was never a daycare child either

arinfusions at gmail.com

Someone helped me get the stool after the donor left me to die: https://forum.humanmicrobiome.info/threads/horrible-experience-with-rds-infusions-clinic-in-florida-2017.70/

Oral and rectal. For the first order/round the donor stool odor was very rich and pleasant.

Restored my bile acid metabolism very easily (thus no need for Cholestyramine) and quickly (after only a few days of FMTs - oral daily for ~1 week, rectal every other day after BM total 4x).

Reversed the cheese/dairy intolerance I developed from previous donor(s).

Strongly suppressed (but not completely killed off) a unique/bad BO I picked up from a previous donor.


Oil of Oregano seemed to kill off some of the beneficial microbes I got from donor 8 - changed my stool and had to go back on Cholestyramine, and the bad/unique BOs came back.


Did a 2nd round after detriments from Oil of Oregano, but the quality seemed less in many ways, and the result seemed much weaker. Seemed like it caused some food poisoning type symptoms. Maybe the donor ate something contaminated or picked up something transient via poor hygiene/sanitation.

Fasted and induced diarrhea for the 2nd round with h202 & epsom salt. Also did water enema with tap water. Stopped imodium because it seemed like it was contrasting poorly with the diarrhea-inducers and making me feel worse. Continuing to not take imodium during the FMTs may have weakened their effect though.

6/13/2018: Back on Cholestyramine and doing much better than without it, but even without it doing much better than before donor 8 in terms of tolerating fat in my diet. I don't particularly feel like getting a bunch more from donor 8 since it seems like the quality varies, and I'm poor, and doing ok with Cholestyramine, and donor 8 seems to have minimal other effects. So I'd rather look for a new donor.



7/7/2018: Getting some random diarrhea, with or without Cholestyramine. Trying to figure out the cause.


After the 2nd round, on 4/25/2018: Was feeling good, then legs started getting weak and shaky. Some of the same issues that started after the Donor 5 FMT started up again. But this time my quadriceps are getting red, very sore, and red dots. - I believed this leg thing to be a pathway change, rather than a new problem. Since the symptoms are same/similar as previous ones (after Donor 5 FMT), and triggered by the same thing (spinach, and possibly coconut oil). (7/7/2018: heard from a number of female CFS patients that they get these symptoms during their period. So it's plausible it could be from donors 1, 5, or 8, or a combination).

8/4/2018: After taking flagyl, quads/knees got better, but intolerance to cheese came back. And still getting sick/diarrhea for unknown reasons. So it looks like the quads/knees thing was contracted from AR. Which makes me wonder if this is why they originally acted so sketchy when I first tried to get stool from them. Perhaps I showed too much knowledge, and asked too many questions that it made them scared.

I've also heard a couple preliminary reports that other people experienced a similar "Seemed like it caused some food poisoning type symptoms" from this AR donor. But just like with me, it seems to only be from some of the batches but not all.

8/15/2018: Seeing improvements, maybe from reaction to cheese. No need for Cholestyramine.

My full experience write up (see Donor 8): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cagQpzRCa7Uy8QZYV6NiywDhPELBlzHxUk1OWPR3kNM

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