RDS, FL RDS, AR. Significant worsening, Onset of weakness and tachycardia. Originally was suffering from upper gastric bloating, Pots, acid reflux, asthma, and some moderate cognitive issues (2019)

RDS infusions, Florida

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
This report is in line with previous reports on this donor that some of her samples seemed contaminated. This person experienced the same onset of weakness that I did from this donor. I experienced the weakness onset after one FMT from her, but not others https://forum.humanmicrobiome.info/threads/rds-ar-partial-cfs-ibs-arthritis-and-more-2018.75/. The weakness I experienced was in my legs. I was able to get rid of it with Flagyl, but in his case the doctors were ignorant and inept and wouldn't give him anything.

OP also had significant trouble trying to verify the stool quality with the donor. It seems this donor has a reason to be opaque.

Hello everyone, I want to both give a report and a warning. I recently did an FMT with AR and had a horrific response. I originally was suffering from upper gastric bloating, Pots, acid reflux, asthma, and some moderate cognitive issues. All of these together were enough to cause some severe problems in my life and I was forced to move back in with my parents. While I had used MG before, he had caused problems. So I tried AR since I heard some positive effects. How wrong that was. Within a day I felt a great sense of weakness. I then started getting these bouts of tachycardia. After a while I started getting these combos of complete weakness and tachycardia. Eventually I developed a bpm of about 180 and was forced to go to the hospital. I was under observation for two days. I now have some of the worst exhaustion and pain I;ve ever had in my life. Just moving my hands to type this is exhausting me. MY body visually shakes, my thinking is severely limited. I can;t feel my feet, almost complete numbness. I think this points to the individual variability of FMTs. While for some people a certain donor may be helpful, for other it may cause problems. We need to have perfectly healthy medical grade donors. In my experience, any imperfect donor will cause some kind of problem. Now that I have this horrific exhaustion, I'm not sure if this is better than what I had before.

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