Microbioma Microbioma.org has hired a lawyer to threaten me to take down the evidence exposing them for blatantly lying to his customers. (2021)


Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
These people are unethical scumbags who deserve to be put out of business.

The evidence is listed in the HumanMicrobiome.info wiki. I probably can't link it here due to Reddit's rules that resulted in the previous thread being taken down. Additional threads:

I think the people who've bought stool from Microbioma.org are idiots. Even if you deny/don't agree that I'm one of, if not the most, knowledgeable people in the world on FMT, the gut microbiome, and human health & development, the following publicly available information should still have been enough to warn anyone away from them.

I've been looking for a high-quality donor for 6+ years, and have used 9 different donors, most of whom were not high quality. I've been extremely desperate, and in a life-threatening condition for many years as well. I worked/volunteered with Microbioma.org as Head of Operations for North America for almost 2 years. I recruited and screened hundreds of donors. They are charging people "1495 EUR / 1595 USD + shipping" for 6 enemas. Due to the 2 years of volunteer work I did with them they offered to provide me with this for free. I declined.

If after knowing all that, you still ordered from them, you're an idiot.



My response to their lawyer:
Here is the evidence:


The people who hired you are unethical scumbags who deserve to be put out of business. As far as I know they are operating out of a unique legal area in Spain. Even though I worked with/volunteered with them, they were very secretive, so I don't have much info on them, nor enough knowledge of the laws in their area, nor the ability to speak Spanish. Thus I have not reported them to their local authorities. Since they obtain most of their customers from the internet it's a reasonable approach to spread the evidence on the internet so people can make informed decisions. Unfortunately their use of legal threats has been successful in taking down the information & evidence from various Facebook groups, thus putting many people in harm's way.

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