Microbioma I decided to remove my old post because the owner Ivan is lying to people (2023)



Jul 13, 2023

I decided to remove my old post since the owner of Micro bioma (Ivan) is lying to people and giving them stuff in return for favorable reviews for his company. He even has people promoting him on other forums. And he even went as far as giving me stuff, so I would hide experiences with his donors. You can look at my profile for the full story. I also want to apologize for any inconvienience I caused to u/MaximilianKohler.


Original 14 Jan 2023 (9 comments).
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  1. I included all required info
The OP was posted by "Nigel", who also posted The owner of Microbioma is giving customers free bottles/money in exchange for favorable comments about his donors or for luring in new customers (2023).

This person had previously attacked me in favor of Microbioma:

15 Aug 2021 response to Nigel with links to previous discussions:
This OP is an obvious sock puppet account that has never participated on this sub, or any related sub. They are repeating claims/lies that were thoroughly debunked in recent threads:

I left this up because:
  1. I have been leaving this sub mostly unmoderated.
  2. I was curious to see the community response. Sadly, you've once again disappointed me. It's appalling that yet again everything is left up to me to do. The entire community should have been up in arms to kick out a blatant fraudster. That the numerous professionals working in this field who follow these reddit subs and facebook groups did not publicly come out to condemn Microbioma is incredibly appalling. Same goes for every FMT provider that exists. These people should know full well how damaging it could be to have people being harmed by FMT due to a stool provider lying about their donors. This is yet one more demerit on my already extremely low opinion of these people.

What is true is that my position as mod here is now a conflict of interest. The problem is that, as I already told this person prior to them making this thread, I've been attempting to find active, high quality mods for multiple subs, for many years. It's virtually impossible to find intelligent people with integrity who are willing to spend their time doing moderation for free. There are some mostly-inactive people I can ask to take over.

The mod of the biggest FMT facebook group is a good example. He seemed like a good mod, with the only issue that he was fairly inactive. He rightfully kicked out lastplace.org, but is now allowing Microbioma to continue despite the fact that what Microbioma has done is FAR worse than anything Steve did. Steve seemed to genuinely care about helping people – so much so that one of his downfalls was trying to help people save money on worldwide shipping. Microbioma is just flat out a sociopathic con man, and the evidence against him is clear and simple.

And there are other individuals who spoke up against lastplace.org, despite being good friends with him, yet blindly, illogically, and irrationally defended Microbioma without even looking at and understanding the evidence. So basically, no one can be trusted.

Lets be clear: I never considered Microbioma my rival. 1. I knew their donor was low quality. 2. I knew the person running it was ignorant, unscientific, and incompetent. 3. They are after money. My goals are entirely different [1][2][3]. I largely do not give a shit about money. If you offered me the choice between 50 billion dollars or turning 90% of the population into highly intelligent, well functioning, healthy, empathetic people with strong integrity, I'd choose the latter in a heart beat. 4. They are operating out of Spain, and could never provide stool for everything that I will be in the US and Canada.

This entire ordeal has only been detrimental to my activities. I already had 150 people on my stool recipient wait list, and working very long hours screening tens of thousands of donor applicants. I did not need the handful of idiots being tricked by this con man. And even if I wanted them, the easiest and most logical way to get them would be to simply show that my donor is higher quality.

EDIT: I'm taking the OP down now because it seems that they continue to edit it to add more lies, and because this thread continues to be brigaded from hired goons and fake accounts.

EDIT 2: They admitted and apologized: