Microbioma The owner of Microbioma is giving customers free bottles/money in exchange for favorable comments about his donors or for luring in new customers (2023)



Jul 13, 2023
The owner of Microbioma is giving customers free bottles/money, in exchange for favorable comments about his donors or for luring in new customers. So, as a result, you are now having people in the Facebook groups, on Reddit, and on other forums writing dishonest comments/reviews about his donors, so they can get free stuff in return. Or being able to try a new potential donor in the future. Even worse, people messaging you in private are trying to convince you to buy Microbioma's products. Or the other way around, people who are writing about good experience's with Microbioma and are waiting for you to message them in private asking about your experience. He is even asking you to do this if you had bad results with his donors. Sadly because of this most of these reviews/experiences about Microbioma's donors can absolutely not be trusted.

This is scary and dangerous since you are dealing with sick people. Or desperate people who are looking for a cure for their gut issues for a long time. Or for someone else's gut issues. So sick people are being misled. But also desperate people can make up favorable experiences with donors they might have had a bad response to. Because they will get free bottles/money or even try a new potential donor in the future. I've seen this happen already and I think it's dangerous since we are dealing with sick people here. So be aware! Most people who defend Microbioma on here or other forums are getting promised these favors by the Microbioma owner. They are directly benefiting from this themselves. So they do everything in their power to keep things as they are. Who doesn't want free bottles or a potential new donor to try for free if you are sick and desperate. All you have to do is attack other fmt companies, defend Microbioma, write a positive review about Microbioma even if you got worse from their product, or lure in new customers somehow.

Even worse other fmt companies are now getting attacked as a result of these practices. I fell for it myself. The owner of Microbioma promised me all kinds of stuff. Even went as far as paying for a 300e gut test so I would not post my experience with his 2nd donor. Or how he lied about stuff regarding his 2nd donor to me. Including lying about test results. Which was a very unpleasant experience, to say the least. I'm not saying you can not benefit from their products. But their main goal is definitely money. He blocked me everywhere when I made this clear on the Facebook group. Deleted all of his previous chats with me. Saying he was going to hire a lawyer and I was committing a criminal offense. I have proof you said all of these things to me. Why would you delete all your chats with someone if you have nothing to hide? Never heard anything from his lawyer because he knows he is full of bs. He also released personal information about me. So instead of clearing things up with a response. He starts releasing personal information about you. All I wanted was for him to be honest since we are dealing with sick people here. Like if you write a fake review about a tv you bought for 100e cashback. Okay, I get that. But we are talking about people's health here. People who suffer from chronic health issues for years. Who are getting seriously misled.

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