Human Microbes, Donor OR_JO_1993. Treating CFS, IBS, and more. Benefits to iron tolerance, prebiotic & legume tolerance, pathogen clearance, weight. (2023)

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
Have done FMTs from 14 different donors prior to this one.

Last one was from, Donor SD_ES_2015. results tracking.

Prior to FMT:​

  • Weight down to 160lbs.
  • Chronic sinus stuffiness.
  • Sleep quality still not great.
  • Sex drive still very poor. Probably due to overall poor circulation, which is probably playing a role in other symptoms such as low brain function.
  • Brain function still quite poor.
  • Still fatigued and in bed after meals.


Before: Peanuts, cheese, eggs, fruit, white sweet potatoes, basmati white rice, Italian squash, leafy greens, broccoli, butter, olive oil, spices.
After: Added lentils, black eyed peas, and milk. Started drinking only milk for most of the day and 1 meal at the end of the day.

Supplements & meds:​

Before: Imodium 3x/day, creatine, 5k vit d, 25mg zinc.
After: Added iron.


Benefits to iron tolerance, prebiotic & legume tolerance, pathogen clearance, weight.

Started with the donor's "worst" stool, and it made my stool lighter in color and soft. Even though the donor's stool was dark and firm. It didn't cause any obvious problems though.

I then skipped straight to what I thought was the best stool and it returned my stools back to firm, medium, dark brown.

I tried adding lentils, which was tolerable but not great.

I took a whole bottle of phages (floraphage). It didn't do anything. I discuss the probable reason why here:

Looking at my logs, it seems that IA_SMJ_2010 (mainly the dark green stool) increased my sensitivity to iron, but I still needed to take it. Then SD_ES_2015 seemed to increase my sensitivity/intolerance to iron further, but also allowed me to stop taking it. Now OR_JO_1993 made me able to tolerate iron fine and I can do with/without it, but "with" might be slightly better.

Weight increased from taking iron. My optimal state seems to have trended more towards "taking iron is better".

OR_JO_1993 seemed to also help clear a pathogen from a previous donor's bad stool. My tolerance to prebiotics (carob) seems to have improved as well.

I tried lentils & black eyed peas again now that I'm taking iron, and I can tolerate them just fine.
I tried oatmeal and it wasn't great.

I tried milk now that my protein & fat digestion seems fine again. Milk was fine so I tried milk fasting which was even better. No longer fatigued in bed after meals, so I decided to just drink milk most of the day and eat one meal at the end of the day.

I tried the "worst" stool again by lower route and didn't notice much. It may have been slightly problematic, and possibly more so if taken orally.
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