Attractiveness, facial features, health & development, and FMT donor selection. (Jul 2019)

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Jul 6, 2023
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I thought this was important enough for its own thread because from what I've seen the vast majority of people, including doctors and researchers in the FMT/microbiome field, seem to have poor understandings of human health & development, and the gut microbiome's impacts on the entire body. And I believe this has been a major contributor to the deficiencies in donor quality due to inability to identify healthy human beings. I talked about it previously in this document, and suggested that poor health has become the norm and thus people's perceptions/judgments are warped.

Previously when I gave an example of a healthy person in /r/HumanMicrobiome it was surprisingly controversial. And people were insistent about debunked claims. BTW, as a general guide, when you see new information you're skeptical of, you reply "citation?" instead of "no".

I was also stunned when a "PhD|MBA|Cancer|Biogerontology" challenged me on my statement (with numerous citations, in a science sub) that this mother was clearly unhealthy, and equated my statement to fatpeoplehate... A group I consider an unscientific hate sub that is arrogantly ignorant about the causes of the problem. Neither the mother's or daughter's poor health & development are due to one gene, or from eating too much and not exercising enough (CICO). Human health and development are vastly more complex than that.

In my experience this is not some crazy outlier, but rather the norm. Couple days ago I saw a popular article of a mother congratulating herself on using her disease-ridden body to create another person. And thousands (of probably similarly unhealthy people) cheering her on.

I believe this is very much related to the Dunning-Kruger effect. Due to poor health & development, many people's function is poor and thus lack the ability to make rational deductions/analysis. You can rightfully blame much of it on poor health education, but many with that same poor education figured it out.

So I compiled some of the research on it here:

This is what a healthy human looks like:

How many people look like that in most of the world? In my locations it's been somewhere between 1%-0.1% or less. When I used to see documentaries or news coverage of developing countries there were many people who looked like that. But these days most look as unhealthy as everyone else, which is extremely alarming to me. My observations are supported by the data:

And visible health markers are only the bare minimum. You can be thin/fit/attractive and still have underlying dysbiosis and disease. Which reduces the number of people who qualify as healthy, high-functioning people with eubiotic gut microbiomes way below 0.1%.

I tried to expound on this topic in this article: A critical look at the current and longstanding ethos of childbearing, the repercussions it’s been having on human health and society, and its relation to the recent microbiome research.

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Let me know who you think are ideal donors. Share pictures of people who you think are in perfect health and would be an ideal donor. Share pictures of people who you think might be mistaken for a high-quality donor.

I've been surprised by how much resistance there's been to the idea of top athletes being the best donors. To me, it seemed like common sense that their bodies are functioning better than virtually everyone else. If you had a perfectly functioning body what would you choose to do? An athlete seems like the rational choice. It pays a lot. It's enjoyable. If you're healthy you should have a natural drive to exercise. You'd want to avoid people like Aaron Hernandez (poor brain function), but there are plenty of others functioning well mentally. Acting seems like the 2nd best choice. Modeling seems like easy money. STEM for those whose bodies aren't functioning well enough for the higher-paying choices. Or what is probably a rare example like this:

Previously when someone challenged me about top athletes being top donors they suggested people in the Japanese blue zone instead. I would agree that if the children of those people are maintaining the same lifestyle & diet they (the children - anyone under 30) would likely make good donors. But better than the people I listed here and below? Maybe, maybe not.
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A few examples:

I (used to) watch starcraft a lot, and I've mentioned Serral before as someone who'd be a great donor (I'm less sure as of ~2022 - due to his thinness), but most of the other top starcraft players are also very fit and attractive people:

Life, Flash, Jaedong, Bisu, Zest, Byun, herO, soO, boxer, Mvp, Taeja, Polt, MMA, Innovation, Rain, Soulkey, Maru, Best,

I mention starcraft because it's one of the most all-around demanding games, both intellectually and physically. The players play with tremendous speed. It requires an all-around high-functioning person to be one of the top players. Someone described it as playing speed chess while getting slapped in the face.

Looking at the people Serral is surrounded by and competing against, it's no wonder at all why he dominates so hard -- their health and development are much worse than his.
Note that many of these people are probably currently too old, but would have made good donors at some point.

Dr. Anthony Fauci - athlete into Doctor

A young Richard Feynman. I listened to his audiobook and he seemed to be an all-around well-functioning person.

Very similar to Charlie Chaplin, who also would have likely been a great FMT donor in his youth.

African fishermen:

Others I previously listed in my detailed report from 9 different donors:
  • Easy/well-known examples: Mbappe, Russell Westbrook, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, Robert Lewandowski, Serral.
  • Younger: Zlatan Ibrahimović, Kobe, Jordan, Lebron, Usain Bolt, Richard Feynman, Charlie Chaplin, Noam Chomsky.
And more, with pictures, in the document.


Ayrton Senna

Dalilah Muhammad and Sydney McLaughlin

Most of the 2019 US women's soccer team seem healthy enough. A few stand out more than others.

Mohammad Ali was highly intelligent. His kid(s) didn't turn out as good; possibly the mother wasn't healthy or from the damage Ali took during his career & jail (not sure on the timeline when his kids were born).

Track and field athlete Matthew Boling

Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano - Colombian Olympic weight lifter:

I pick the dude on the right.

Men's finals:
Women's finals:

I think most of the climbers in the two above videos would be super-donors.

More climbers - likely all super-donors.


Marisa Tomei - still going strong at 54 years old. Very impressive.

Sacha Baron Cohen - highly intelligent, competent, physically fit.

Vin Diesel

Bruce Lee

Viggo Mortensen - intelligent guy, seems physically fit enough.

Chris Hemsworth - model into actor.

Chris Evans

Ryan Reynolds

Thandie Newton

Zoe Saldana

George Clooney - intelligent, humorous/happy, fit, attractive, talented, benevolent.

Ashton Kutcher - intelligent, humorous/happy, fit, attractive, talented, benevolent.

Mila Kunis - intelligent, humorous/happy, fit, attractive, talented, married to Ashton

Brad Pitt

Will Smith (and the rest of the Smith family) - They all seem intelligent, fit, and healthy. Turns out Jaden Smith has some health issues. Hmm, watching the full episode, it turns out they all have some health issues, but some could be aging-related, so they might have qualified to be a high-quality donor at a younger age.

Iwan Rheon and Charlotte Hope -

Jane Fonda - -

Athletes into actors:​

Mahershala Ali -

Terry Crews

The Rock - Dwayne Johnson.

Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) - track and field into actor

Jason Statham - swimming, modeling, actor -

Stacy Keibler - dance, modeling, cheerleading, pro wrestling, actor. -

Burt Reynolds - -

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II -

Music artists:​

Common seems like an all-around healthy, fit, intelligent person

Might be mistaken for a high-quality donor:​

Game of Thrones actor, Emilia Clarke - attractive but not physically fit. I think many people seeing obesity as the norm would consider her physically fit. The arms are a key giveaway. On the show they started tying something around her arm to make it less obvious.

Don't know who this is, but too much adiposity:

Olympic figure skater Maia Shibutani Undergoes Surgery for Kidney Tumor - - she looks healthy, and performs well.

Brie Larson - she looks healthy, and seems capable/competent, but had appendix removal surgery

Chadwick Boseman - seemed healthy and well functioning, but died of colon cancer.

Georges St-Pierre - seems like a nearly ideal candidate in every aspect, yet started experiencing major health problems including Ulcerative colitis.
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Exploring Endurance Running: The Tarahumara Tribe - Arnulfo Quimare

Born to Run? How Raramuri Runners Dominate Ultra-Marathons in Sandals | NBC Left Field - Lorena Ramirez ~~ ~~

I've seen some people ask how they could contribute funding to the advancement of microbiome research. Here are my proposals. FMT donors, Raramuri/Tarahumara marathon runners, Olympic athletes, clinical trial.

Maasai - likely. See David Rudisha for example.
David Rudisha:

Ethiopian Olympic level athlete - probably others in her town would qualify.

Sentinel Island - Possible, but since they're uncontacted I don't know.

Brazilian isolated race, the Zo'E: - likely.

Unhealthy Amazon tribe:

India's Jarawa People seem pretty healthy:

The Jarawa Tribe's Awakening To The World (2002) - 40% child mortality rate.

Wodaabe: Herdsmen of the Sun - Possibly. Using the insides of burned-out batteries as makeup, which is highly toxic ~15:40. 2nd half covers many living in terrible conditions. In the Human Planet documentary they talk about these people.

Trobriand Islanders seem fairly healthy:

Trobriand Cricket - 1975 - Jerry Leach - Gary Kildea. 40:40 shows one smoking a cigarette.

From most of what I've seen of the Aborigines, they don't seem healthy.

Kung Bushmen - maybe

Maori: Weston A. Price says "most physically perfect race living on the face of the earth". But that was a while ago. Their diet and lifestyle has certainly degraded since then.

Reindeer herders in Siberia (2019): - possibly

Yanomami: I haven't looked into them that much. I see this "contaminated by mercury used in gold digging" video
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Unhealthy people:​

(I can add more)

I think this recent case of polio-like illnesses is pretty interesting too.
The people who are succumbing to it are clearly in poor health. One of the kids looked fairly healthy beforehand, but all their parents (that I saw) are clearly extremely unhealthy. My hypothesis is that the children are inheriting a deficient immune system & gut microbiome which makes them susceptible to things other kids don't succumb to.

Another example of an unhealthy parent creating an unhealthy kid:
Since rock climbing is my world, I'm wondering what a cut-off age is. I'm around young and youngish climbers all of the time.