Blog A critical look at the current and longstanding ethos of childbearing, the repercussions it’s been having on human health and society, and its relation to the recent microbiome research. (Jul 2018)

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023

The current ethos of childbearing is abhorrent, and largely contributing to the major health crisis we’re experiencing, and most of society’s problems.

It can be described as incredibly neglectful and irresponsible. Where children are created as an accessory to their parent’s lives, rather than an individual human being who deserves to be healthy, athletic, happy, intelligent, and free of unnecessary suffering. And unhealthy people using their bodies to create more unhealthy people is leading to an ever expanding percentage of the population who are severely unhealthy and malfunctioning in many ways.

It largely seems to be based on our primal instincts and doing just because “that’s what people do”, without thought in regards to whether we should be doing this or not.

Tradition is the enemy of progress and corpse of wisdom
I know many people’s initial reaction is to be offended, and that is not productive at all. So I will start out with myself as an example.
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