FMT Washed microbiota transplantation improves renal function in patients with renal dysfunction: a retrospective cohort study (Oct 2023, n=253)

Fecal Microbiota Transplants

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023

Healthy donors were initially screened using a questionnaire followed by blood and stool tests to rule out communicable diseases

Patients received microbial suspensions from healthy donors, allocated at random.

The WMT procedure involved administering the washed microbiota suspension (120 mL per day for 3 consecutive days) to patients via a transendoscopic enteral tube (for the lower gastrointestinal tract) or a nasojejunal tube (for the upper gastrointestinal tract), according to each patient’s specific conditions and preference

527 patients who underwent WMT were enrolled, and 253 met the final analysis criteria. Of these patients, 86 had renal dysfunction while 168 did not.

The findings revealed that WMT resulted in a significant improvement in renal activity for patients with renal dysfunction, while not significantly affecting those without renal dysfunction

In conclusion, WMT proves both safe and effective in improving renal function among patients with renal dysfunction by modulating the gut microbiota and promoting toxic metabolite excretion. These findings suggest that targeting the gut microbiota using WMT offers a promising novel approach for treating CKD.
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