Microbioma Today I received a letter from Microbioma that he will most likely sue me



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Aug 29, 2023
The owner of Microbioma already decided to release private information about me after I shared in my previous post not all of his reviews are trustworthy. Now he is also trying to sue me with ridiculous claims and for an insane amount of money. And that I need to accept liability for everything (which I will obviously won't do) and remove all my posts about him . I will not post the full details of the letter in here since I don't know if that will make things worse for me. But this guy is insane. He also got my facebook account taken down now it seems like.

I wonder if this guy realises that all he has to do is focus on his donor quality instead of focusing on attacking people for sharing their experiences. Can anyone in here possibly help me with legal advice?

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  1. I included all required info
I've warned you guys so many times and you've continually ignored me. It's dangerous to let crooks like this thrive, yet you've all done nothing about it. Everyone who's been harmed by this person should have joined up and gone to the police together. The longer he's ignored the more dangerous he'll get.
I am just now discovering all this mess about Microbioma. And I just used a full order of their products. Just took the last pills three days ago. I know I was probably acting stupid by trusting them, but I had some references here in Sweden and I trusted that they had done the vetting. I am currently not feeling very well. Nausea, chills, bloating and skin rashes. I hope it is some sort of herx that will pass. My candida overgrowth has improved greatly and maybe it is die off from that which I am feeling, but I am scared that this is a persistent state :( How bad can it be?
Up until now he has not sued me. It was most likely a fake threat to scare me. My facebook account got taken down 2 times right before his lawyer send me an email. Personally I don't think that's a coincidence. After facebook reinstated my account I told the group what was happening. 2nd time my facebook got taken down I got kicked from the facebook group. The owner of the facebook group is Goran Ridic. So if anyone invites you to a facebook group with him as moderator I personally would not trust the experiences there at all.
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