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Jul 13, 2023
Someone posted their experience on a private facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bacteriotherapy
I just wanted to share my current experience with FMT for Fatigue after long term abx use.This is the 4th time within 2 years and it seems like I finally found the right way how to do it. I found that I aborded the mission too early in the past and feel like I am on the right way now.
In order not to bore you with all the why's of my experience I will just write my personal findings and leave it up to you to ask questions.
  1. If FMT worked once for you and the effect vanished after some time, it is probably worth the effort to try it again for a longer time.
  2. Do not expect any results before at least two weeks. If there are any, great stuff, if not persevere.
  3. If you get strong headaches in the beginning and you cleansed your bowel with laxatives beforehand, you probably suffer from dehydration. So drink plenty.
  4. Use the gravity enema system, as this gets the transplant really deep in your intestines. Do not use the balloon enema.I do handstands or sort of yoga positions to turn myself upside down afterwards.
4b. EDIT: I also take a hot shower after FMT. I feel like it helps me calming the intestines and keeping the implant in.
  1. I personally prefer to use a larger amount of water per serving and do not fear any loss of potency. In the descending colon, the stuff gets dehydrated anyways and a larger volume increases the reach of the transplant (my experience). I aim for 400-500 ml per serving.
5b. I hang the enema bag around 2m high and take the whole implant with one fast shot. Takes maybe 10 seconds for the whole enema to be transported into the colon. Obviously I would not do that if it caused cramping.
5c. Bloating - Initially I had strong bloating. In order to take the pressure out of the system, I lie down, put my bottom and legs in the air and try to pass gas. That might result in some spillage, so you might use some toilet paper if you are not sure what you are about to pass. This is procedure was critical for me, as I probably would not have been able to maintain the enema without it, due to the pressure and subsequent cramping.
  1. I can normally retain the enema from the morning to the evening or even over night. However, I felt it at times difficult to have a bowel movement in the morning before the next enema. Therefor I drink half a cup of coffee and it seems not to be detrimental. After the FMT I do not drink coffee (anymore).
  2. I also went to Taymount clinic for the (I think) 10 days treatment. I would not do it again. They are really nice people, but prohibitively expensive + they use processed stuff which might be less potent. It did not help me at all. Might also be due to the fact that 10 days are not enough.
  3. I am on a AIP / normal Paleo diet, that seems to work good for me.
  4. I used a blender in the past and DO NOT recommend it. It works much better with Ziplog bags, less foam, less exposure to O2. And much less bloating afterwards. Also much cleaner.
  5. I make a saline with distilled water and sea salt.
  6. Use a funnel with a filter insert. You do not want to get the coarse stuff to get stuck. That is so annoying...
Ok, that is all I can think about now.
Hope that helps

Here is what I tried and what I changed:
  1. Try: My wifes stool tested for 1 week. Great results, enema gravity method, I stopped after one week and started to go once a week. Started to eat all sorts of crap (sugar stuff and whatnot). Effect Effect vanished after a few days in week 2. Did not have the time to do it again directly afterwards.
  2. Try: my wifes stool with baloon enema for two weeks. No effect at all.
  3. Try was not FMT but VSL3 probiotics. Great effect after 6 weeks, but lasted only 4 weeks although I kept taking it...
  4. Try was Taymount. They use a around a 25 cm long catheter after placing the implant they flush with saline to push the implant further up. Apart from sideeffects which I also got from the procedures before (flu like symptoms) no effect.
  5. Try: Stool from a good friend of mine, tested, gravity system. 10 days rifaximin, then 3 days no rifaximin (should have been 2) and then FMT..

Original 24 Mar 2018.
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