Taymount Taymount. Failure for IBD & CFS. Got worse, and got sepsis. (2018)

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Jul 13, 2023
Not exactly clear, but it sounds like they had IBD, CFS, and candida, prior to the FMT. And then after the Taymount FMT they got worse, along with sepsis.
i had my transplant and it wasnt a success

Unknown 3 [donors] from a clinic ibd cfs i had sepsis which im told is very common after this procedure .was in hospital for 6 weeks then bed bound still and have had most of my good bacteria killed off i had candida thats gone now and i just hope that we are all very aware thats FMT does work im very sad it didnt for me i have no bido bateria from so much diarrohea im not reimplanting it none now for 3 yrs .still trying though .

Mouth throat stomach si and li ive got chrons /ibd it started when i was in my late teens then i went on to have not being able to eat especially carbs even salad or veg its got worse the FMT was not what id hoped for i felt very ill after the 2nd implant i had sepsis my colon had completely impacted

i did 12 implants just continuous diarrhoea by then i couldn't walk huge pain inflammation they supplied and tested and tested the donors not me i sent to Taymount. Clinic was going to carry on but i had no choice i didnt think i was ill after it so 2 weeks after im unable to walk stand was bed bound screaming in pain and dying so my mum rang for an ambulance and the paramedics we nuts
never tried again it left me with spondoliothesis lower spinal vertabe bottom of the spine

Uvitis both eyes and now i have the spondoliothesis from the Fmt
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Original 05 May 2018.
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