Taymount Taymount. Cure for c.diff, IBS-D, fatigue, and others. (2018)

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Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
EDIT: he relapsed around March 2019.


Summary/Points of interest:

  • The first prep colonic gave a lot of relief from cognitive issues, tension, and other sensations of illness. I noticed my thrush was greatly reduced. The other two were uneventful, but offered more relief and a sense of wellbeing throughout the weekend.
  • The first FMT implant cured the C. Diff. I could sense it happening within minutes while I was on the table. It was such a relief and surprise that it rendered me emotional and speechless.
  • The first week of treatment was challenging; some implants agreed with me more than others. I tried reintroducing foods too soon, and suffered setbacks with bad diarrhea. The second week was discouraging still. I was more tired, and food intolerance seemed to get worse. I restricted my diet, start taking immodium, and skipped my 10th implant on Friday for the flight home.
  • My food intolerance had greatly diminished by the end of that weekend, and I expanded my diet significantly in the third week. This is the most food I've enjoyed in months, and the greatest variety I've enjoyed in years.

That implant definitely didn’t agree with me, makes me question some of my assumptions about donor quality. It seemed like a couple of the donors worked, while others made me worse. This was vary frustrating, and has make me more determined to find a viable, 'high-quality' donor at home. I felt uncertain at this point about using more Taymount samples, at least until I stabilized.

Thursday, August 30, last FMT. Took 3 imodium today, and none thereafter.

Friday, August 31, declined the final (10th) FMT because it seemed like it was harming him. Went home.

Saturday, September 1, BMs start improving. Started taking probiotics and prebiotics (acacia fiber, orange peel, boabab, apple peel, cranberry seed) today.

Sunday, September 2, first #4 stool.

My questions to him:​

1. Sept 1 you started taking a bunch of supplements, including prebiotics and probiotics. Had you taken these prior to FMT, if so, what was the result?

2. September 2 says "still swigging coconut water kefir" - still? Since when? What was the result of this prior to FMT?

3. Monday, September 3, taking zinc - when did this start? Were you taking zinc prior to the FMTs too?

4. Did you notice them doing any data collection that would allow for them to determine the safety and efficacy of each individual donor?

5. "The probiotic lozenges from a local doctor seemed to get my tongue coated again, quitting them." - what type of probiotic?


1-3: Yes, I tried them all before the FMT (why they are still in the cupboard), none of them worked, and often made me worse (like the zinc drops).

4: I answered questions about my status during the procedure appointments (similar to what I used in the journal). Since five implants are done consecutively, it's tough to judge which one did exactly what, however.

5: I don't know what the product is - it was some sample he offered me to try. I've quit them.


He later questioned his original thought that donor quality varied, and thought that maybe the detrimental reactions he experienced were a necessary part of the "reprogramming". Such a thing is common, but for it to have gone on for 2 weeks seems questionable.

Original 13 Sep 2018.
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