Taymount Taymount, Bahamas location. General dysbiosis. Got severely worse and developed multiple new problems. (2019)

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Jul 13, 2023
I went to The Bahamas location in Nov 2017 and got worse in more ways than I could count. I went to repopulate after cdiff 6 months prior. I was basically healed but cdiff had taken 9 months of my life and I was determined not to get it again so I thought if I repopulate my gut with beneficial microbes this couldn't happen again. After Taymount I got chronic diarrhea, food intolerances I never had before and became allergic to basic things like rice and potatoes,nuts so now I can't travel bc I can't eat out at restaurants. I got searing and at times excrutiating liver pain, gallbladder issues (including something in my gallbladder which no test can seem to identify - could be a polyp), nausea (first gained 18 lbs after FMT then lost it 6 months later bc my gallbladder was so bad I couldn't eat for 2 months), Newcastle virus, esophagus pain, stomach inflammation, and a myriad of about 100 symptoms I can't even describe or get diagnosed.

It was the worst decision I've made in my entire life. And yet, my friend went to the same location a few months prior for the same reason as I did with walked away with miraculous results. I think part of what I'm trying to figure out is, how much of results come from the donor and how much come from the host/recipient. Despite g-d knows how much money, I still haven't been able to resolve 90% of these issues yet. My liver is currently in so much pain. I don't know what could have happened to me there, and I'm still trying to piece together. Thank you.

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