Taymount Taymount at Bahamas. IBS-Alternating. No improvement. (2017)

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Jul 13, 2023
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Hello all, I went to the Taymount Clinic in the Bahamas this past year and wanted to share my experience with getting FMT.

The doctor was condescending and didn't seem knowledgeable about the nuances of IBS. Her name is Gemma Rolle. The nurse, Sakina Sands, was very helpful and knew her stuff, so I decided to pursue treatment. Sakina did the procedure with the help of another nurse. I had two more consults with Dr Rolle, and she seemed to show no interest in my side effects of major bloating and stomach pain. She implied that I couldn't be bloated because I'm very thin and expected me to tell her that the treatment immediately fixed my gut issues. Her bedside manner was lacking.

I'm waiting on stool test results, but so far I haven't seen any benefit from FMT. I'm still managing alternating constipation and loose stools, and I still need to stick to a very strict diet. So please be careful with how you spend your money, because Taymount is not cheap.
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