Taymount Taymount. 2 more recent cases confirming low donor quality, in my opinion. (2018)

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Jul 6, 2023

First case:​

I'm starting FMT at Taymount on Monday. I can update progress here. I had an appendectomy 3/16 and believe my gut was unhealthy after that. I got bad diarrhea/gas 8/16 and felt very wrong after that. 9/16 I got cipro/flagyl and everything fell apart drastically after that. Numerous neurological and physical problems since. Living a shadow of a life. Have high hopes for Taymount to restore the gut where it all started.

First one done. No instant effects of course. They had me do two colonics 10 days prior and did one today before implant. I was surprised to hear that they said they saw a lot of old undigested plaques. I would've guessed the two prior plus Moviprep yesterday would have cleaned me out, but I guess not. This is something to keep in mind that might have a lot to do with diy FMT's not taking hold.

2nd done. Gas and gurgling yesterday which actually felt good in a way. Like proper digestion. I try to hold it in when it wanted to come out and pooped my pants a little. Oh well. No changes today so far. Maybe symptoms a little worse actually. Trying to eat a variety of foods as they say that is the key to diverse gut. Mostly plants with a lot of fiber. You want to feed the Flora. "You're never eating alone" they say. Haha

3rd done. Feel worse today. Not sure if that's the FMT or not. Some painful gas. A war being waged maybe. Have to focus on the big picture and hope this is temporary

Week one done. After the 4th I had almost a euphoric feeling that evening. Way more energy that next morning. Feeling very positive I had the 5th that day. That night was horrible. Worst night in months. Neurological problems etc. Took all Sat to recover from that. Today back to very weak and shaky, dizzy etc. No FMT until Tuesday. Was hoping the weekend was where things get better, but maybe not. One interesting thing is that the day I felt a lot better my tongue was pink and felt and even tasted different. Normal I think. It's been white and furry for over a year and now it's back to white. But that one day it was normal.

6th done yesterday. 7th will be today. Finally got some sleep so feel a little better. They said a lot of people see an improvement over the weekend. This didn't happen for me unfortunately. I usually retain the FMT for up to 8hrs. I still haven't gone today though so that's over 20hrs retained for yesterday's fmt. Hopefully that will be good

It's almost a month now since Taymount. It felt like the first week at least was a herx type reaction. Felt sick from the"war being waged inside maybe". Changes: stool was light colored and thin snake or loose, now is often firm and dark brown. Looks a lot more like stool from my past when I was healthy. A little more energy usually though some days I'm still wiped out. Feel a little more positive in mood. Sleep got quite a bit better for a couple weeks. Easy to fall asleep. No waking, good dreams. but has gotten a little worse in the last couple weeks. Head pressure is a little better I think. I believe I have fungus/yeast problems still do have been taking Nystatin. Not sure if it's that or the FMT that is making geographic tongue and thrush better. Still bad or worse: headache is constant and pretty bad. Muscle, bone, joint, tendon weakness is worse. In pain and so weak. Still dizzy and nerves still feel shot. Tremors. Not sure if it's related but passed a big kidney stone right after Taymount. That was horrible. They're analyzing it. Dr also did a test for prophyria and it was pos. Not sure what to make of this yet. Have done 2 of the self FMT's they sent in the last two weeks because I felt like I was regressing. Overall I would say I feel better than before FMT however I'm far from healthy or feeling good.

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Second case:​

FMT at the Dove Clinic near Winchester, UK completed over the last 2 weeks. The whole experience has been fascinating and I am very optimistic. The transplants are sourced from the Taymount Clinic, and I understand that each one is a different donor. The next 2 to 3 months are the most important. The main aim is to support my innate immune system which is low functioning. I'm following a radically healthy diet plus gut support of Symprove, BiMuno, kefir etc.

Ok folks. During the two weeks I had a mixed bag of responses. I had had three colonics in the two weeks beforehand to get the bowel clean. My body rejected the first implant, I think due to being upset at all the attention. The following nine implants were kept, at least a few hours if not overnight. I had one day when I felt a surge of energy and was a bit hyper as a result. Slightly more emotional towards the last couple of implants. I’m now experiencing symptoms of exhaustion like I used to get maybe 15 years ago, which can happen apparently. The gut certainly feels more ‘alive’, and bowel habits are slightly improved so far. Strict diet and supplements continuing.

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My comments:​

From these two recent reports it certainly sounds like their donor quality varies drastically. Taymount does 10 days with 10 different donors; a different donor every day. It sounds like they might have 1 good donor and the rest low-quality ones.

If the problems were coming from things like Taymount having their donors and patients take probiotics, then you'd expect to see the poor results across the board, but it seems like some days there are very different results, which points to variation among donors.

Also, I think with "The next 2 to 3 months are the most important" they are bullshitting people because they don't want people to think the implants failed due to the fault of Taymount, but rather it's all on the patient to "make it work" over the next months. Which is a load of crap in my experience with 8 donors. All improvements came during the period of FMTs, none after.

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