Taymount Some very useful info about Taymount's donors. Pretty much confirms all my concerns. (2018)

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Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
https://groovygut.home.blog/2018/11/29/what-ive-learned-about-taymount-donors/ - https://archive.fo/UtDaL
They currently draw from a pool of about 27 donors. That is, of course, because some donors need to temporarily drop out if they get sick or may need to leave the program permanently for one reason or another. The donor pool started with some folks from the local running club and they got their spouses and others at the club interested in participating. One of those folks knew a firefighter at the local station, and several of the station workers and their spouses started to get involved.

There's a 0 percent chance all those people are safe and effective donors. And Taymount's protocol of using a different donor each day for 10 days doesn't allow them to know which donors are safe or effective. It also gives us a peek at their questionnaire, which of course is also a joke - "no chemotherapy in last 3 months". My god.

In my opinion, this completely confirms that Taymount has no idea what they're doing.

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