Sex differences Sex differences between males' and females' microbiomes | Collection of studies

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Jul 6, 2023
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ubiome finds no difference between male and female gut bacteria: but this study posted by a commenter did: Dynamics and associations of microbial community types across the human body (2014) – also shows difference between breastfed, and level of education.

Another study shows sex differences: Intestinal Microbiota Is Influenced by Gender and Body Mass Index (2016)

Impact of age and sex on the composition and abundance of the intestinal microbiota in individuals with and without enteric infections (2016) - suggests females might be better donors.

Support for the Microgenderome: Associations in a Human Clinical Population (2016) Sex differences in symptom presentation; sex consistency in microbial communities; sex-specific interactions with gut microbiota and symptom expression.

Topological Data Analysis (TDA) Differentiates Between Healthy Male, Female Microbiomes: Machine Learning Method Differentiates Between Healthy Male, Female Microbiomes (2016)

Sex differences in colonization of gut microbiota from a man with short-term vegetarian and inulin-supplemented diet in germ-free mice (2016) - The intestine of male and female mice preferred to accommodate microbiota differently (after FMT).

Sex-dependent effects on gut microbiota regulate hepatic carcinogenic outcomes (2017):

The Impact of Gut Microbiota on Gender-Specific Differences in Immunity (2017) - Microbiota-independent gender differences in the immune system select a gender-specific gut microbiota composition, which in turn further contributes to gender differences in the immune system

Microbiome Influences Prenatal and Adult Microglia in a Sex-Specific Manner (2017):

Microbiome: Impact of Gender on Function & Characteristics of Gut Microbiome (2017):

Transcriptome Analysis of Neisseria gonorrhoeae During Natural Infection Reveals Differential Expression of Antibiotic Resistance Determinants Between Men and Women (2018):

Sex differences in NSAID-induced perturbation of human intestinal barrier function and microbiota (2018): Healthy women had lower intestinal permeability and higher duodenal and fecal microbial diversity than healthy men. Gut microbiota in women is sensitive to perturbation but appears to be more stable in men.

Differences in gut microbiota associated with age, sex, and stool consistency in healthy Japanese subjects (2018): - Several changes in gut microbiota were associated with age and sex. Stool consistency and gut microbiota associations were found.

Links between environment, diet, and the hunter-gatherer microbiome (2018): - Limited sex differences in the Hadza microbiota

Sex differences in lipid metabolism are affected by presence of the gut microbiota (2018):

Sex Differences in Pulmonary Responses to Ozone in Mice: Role of the Microbiome (2018):

Influence of gender and menopausal status on gut microbiota (2018):

Analysis of 1135 gut metagenomes identifies sex-specific resistome profiles (2018): "The overall gut microbiome composition of females and males was significantly different (p = 0.001), with females showing a greater microbial diversity (p = 0.009)."

Different host factors are associated with patterns in bacterial and fungal gut microbiota in Slovenian healthy cohort (2018): "Slovenian cohort of 186 healthy volunteers. Bacterial diversity was increased with age and was higher in the female population compared to male"

Review, Mar 2019: Sex Differences in Gut Microbiota

Gender-Specific Associations Between Saliva Microbiota and Body Size (Apr 2019) "Saliva microbiota diversity and composition were significantly associated with body size and gender in Finnish children"

Gut microbiome composition and diversity are related to human personality traits (Dec 2019, n = 655 adults) "Other notable results include females having a significantly lower gut microbiome diversity compared to males"

Sexual dimorphism of gut microbiota at different pubertal status (Jul 2020, n=89) "sex differences in the gut microbiota composition and predicted metabolic profiles exist before puberty, which become more significant at puberty"

Review, Nov 2020: The Interplay of Sex Steroids, the Immune Response, and the Intestinal Microbiota
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