Article Science’s fake-paper problem: high-profile effort will tackle paper mills. Poor-quality studies are polluting the literature — a group will study the businesses that produce them to stem the flow of bogus research. (Jan 2024,

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023

A high-profile group of funders, academic publishers and research organizations has launched an effort to tackle one of the thorniest problems in scientific integrity: paper mills, businesses that churn out fake or poor-quality journal papers and sell authorships. In a statement released on 19 January, the group outlines how it will address the problem through measures such as closely studying paper mills, including their regional and topic specialties, and improving author-verification methods.
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The great misinformation movement. This is such a regular occurrence with TV shows, magazines, etc that grab the latest, chocolate is good for you, coffee is good for you fad because they can just reference a publication with shotty or no research.