Results from 16,000+ new stool donor applicants. (2021,

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
Firstly, I wanted to delay this announcement due to issues surrounding another stool provider lying to their "customers". But many people have been urging me to make a donor available ASAP.

There was a pause in our "hiring recruiters" strategy. But at the same time, we received an even bigger social media wave of 16,000+ donor applicants (currently 23,000+ total). Even though there are none yet that meet the exact criteria I'm looking for, overall the applicants have been higher quality than the first wave, and I have a few I'm interested in trying myself. But this is only the beginning. New applicants are regularly coming in. And we should continue to get higher and higher quality donor applicants.

In fact, my #1 ranked donor prospect applied after I was already getting ready to send the current list out. And I recently received an email from a professional athlete I had previously contacted months ago. The #1 spot has continued to change over the past few weeks. I've screened a few dozen college and professional athletes, but currently, the top spots are non-athletes.

Out of 23,000+ donor applicants, I interviewed the top 20. The current list has the top 3 candidates and more. There might be a new top 4th and 5th place added in the coming weeks, but no prospects to replace the top 2-3 yet. I'm thinking of only sending out an email notification if the #1 spot changes.

There have been many applicants who have been very physically fit, but either have a bad stool type or one issue on the questionnaire that seems risky. These types of candidates are so frustrating to review and make me feel like giving up.

But at the same time, I'm definitely making progress towards higher and higher quality donors. And even though the kinds of people above fill me with doubt, overall it does seem like my hypothesis is still correct, so I'm still looking for that very specific criteria.

We've registered as a business in California and created a TrustPilot account, which can be reviewed at the bottom of our About page.

I looked into registering as a clinical trial but the 3rd party/commercial IRBs (internal review boards) seem to want me to begin the process (pay $1,200+) before they'll provide any substantive advice/info. So I decided it didn't seem worth it for now. I'm not too keen on paying $1,200 only to find out it's not possible to do a clinical trial in this format.

There are a few donors near the top with firm, light brown stools that I'm interested in trying in order to test my stool-type hypothesis. I do not expect them to be highly effective, but if they are, that would be some new information. I don't have thousands of dollars to throw away on stool & blood testing for multiple donors though, so if anyone wants to fund my science experiment let me know. I'm willing to be the test subject. Otherwise, I'll just try the donor that I currently think would be the most effective.

We'll be trying to track & report results via a public spreadsheet. If you have ideas for other/better ways to track & report results please let me know. I am encouraging people to document their "before and after" as thoroughly as possible (video, photos, doctor).

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