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Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
Great guy, very transparent, willing to work with patients on various details to ensure optimal FMT.

Prior to starting FMTs:​

Supplements: Jarrow's s.boularii, culturelle, preforpro phages, creatine, 25mg zinc, 2k vitamin D, 5mg lithium orotate, imodium 3x/day.
Diet: watery fruits (no bananas), white rice, some vegetables, walnuts, olive oil, cheese, some spices,
Symptoms: Mostly low brain function & fatigue. Recently got some mild improvements due to a mild & temporary immune stimulation after getting the Gardasil 9 vaccine.


Can't say for sure, but maybe contributed to mild improvements. Didn't seem to have any detriments. I took high dose iodine near the end which seemed to kill off many of the beneficial microbes I got from AR. And unfortunately it doesn't look like MG has the necessary microbes to replace them. Overall exactly what I would expect from a type 4 donor with previous antimicrobial use.
Tried both whole stool flash frozen on dry ice, vs strained & slow frozen with glycerol. Did both rectal & oral (capsules). 11x over 3 weeks. Then 1 last glycerol infusion 1 month later after using high dose iodine. Didn't notice any difference between whole stool vs mixed with glycerol, but didn't really notice much overall.

9/26/2018: Begin MG FMTs.

9/29/2018: Haven't noticed much so far, which is inline with type 4 stool and previous antibiotic use. Maybe some minor detrimental head symptoms, but could be due to stopping supplements (confirmed). Since BM frequency is increasing I guess I'll restart all supplements.

10/2/2018: Feeling better after restarting supplements. Blood flow improving. But looks like something in my diet is softening & bulking stool. Not sure what (was probably cinnamon). Guess I'll stop culturelle and restart FMTs.

10/17/2018: No major benefits or problems from glycerol. Might have increased stool frequency & bulk a bit.

10/27/2018 - 11/3/2018: Still some instability, not sure why. But overall function, including brain, has been improving over past weeks. Added back culturelle.

11/10/2018: Lugol's iodine (6 drops 2x/day for 2 days - https://drsircus.com/iodine/iodine-supplements-and-dosages) seemed to only have detriments. Messing with my sense of smell. Cold & fatigued. Stinky (bile-ish) & darker stool. Dry hands, chest slightly heavy, skin lightly burning. It seems like it's killed off everything beneficial that AR gave me. I'm worried that it's done permanent damage only reversible with AR FMTs. Can't remember why I tried iodine again. Maybe due to the instability and reading about it having benefits on testosterone, as well as recalling that around the time I first took it was when I started improving.

11/13/2018: Damage seems to be fading. But will use the last half of MG glycerol FMT, then will juice fast for a day.
Sleepy and gassy the next day after the last glycerol FMT. Still had a BM the next day despite juice fasting. But apple juice still seems bad for me.

11/17/2018: Even after MG infusion FMT I'm still getting really fatigued/sleepy, cold, light heart pounding and sinky/heavy chest after fat (peanuts/walnuts & olive oil) meal. Which wasn't happening before I took Lugol's this most recent time.

11/18/2018: Seems like MG's stool cannot fix bile acid metabolism (at least with nuts). Still have strong fatigue, cold, dry hands, softer & more undigested stools, chest heavy/sinky. Have to remove nuts (and maybe more fat) from diet.
I guess one thing I missed was top-down FMT after the iodine.

Original 19 Nov 2018.
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