Human Microbes Negative effects from Human Microbes, donor FL-RS-1997 (2022)


Jul 13, 2023
Background: Previously I had done a FMT from the HumanMicrobes UT-AW-1998 donor, which was 100 enteric coated pills. I didn't feel anything immediately when taking them, but later on I noticed my sleep was improved and my histamine intolerance was basically gone (I could eat seafood, wine, etc.). However, during a similar time period I had also been trying two peptides, BPC 157 and Thymosin Alpha -1. It seems most likely that it was the FMT that helped, but I can't be 100% sure.

Anyway, I had high hopes going into this FL donor, as they seemed pretty promising.

Sadly, It didn't work out for me. I opted for stool with antifreeze. I took 20 non-enteric coated pills over the course of two weeks. I experienced adverse effects essentially overnight with the first 10 pills.

Adverse effects: Lower back pain at night, which is something I experienced a year + ago. Sore throats in the morning. Worsened sleep. Mild, intermittent stomach upset.

Beneficial effects: Gut motility used to be aggressive -- i.e. When I had to poop in the morning, it was urgent. Drinking water/fruit/caffeine would really do the trick. This has basically stopped after the FL donor, and my stools are more often a 3/4 rather than a 5.

A couple thoughts of mine:
1. I'm definitely convinced in the potency of FMTs. If it was the Utah FMT that fixed my histamine intolerance, that's a huge effect. And this FMT was not beneficial but the effect was STRONG. It was NOT a lot of stool that I took. This was 20 pills but they didn't even have much stool in them. There's probably like 100x+ of the stool still left untaken.

2. I'm wondering if I should try the lower route eventually, maybe it'll have a different effect. I'm also considering going back and trying the UT-AW donor again, as they may have been fairly successful.

3. My experience with these two FMTs has been that new effects can be noticed even \~2 months after you've ceased taking the FMTs. Maybe that's not normal but I'm going to keep it in mind in the future when reflecting on the procedures.

The HumanMicrobes UT-AW-1998 donor may have had beneficial effects for me, while the FL-RS-1997 had mostly negative effects.

I will likely continue to try any promising donors from HumanMicrobes in the future.

Feel free to ask any questions about my experience.

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