Taymount My Experience At Taymount UK -- SiBO, dysbiosis, leaky gut -- experienced migraine and severe reactive arthritis (2021)

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Jul 13, 2023
First off the clinic forces a patient agreement that does not allow you to write any feedback without their consent. I had SiBO, dysbiosis, leaky gut...I worked hard to successfully eradicate my sibo BEFORE fmt, but at a big price of damaging my microbiome. Even after healing sibo I still had issues. I thus decided to restore my microbiome at Taymount with an FMT. There is no information about the donor quality. The process was relatively smooth. After the process I gained an improvement of 20-25%. But one month after fmt I got a common cold, I noticed this time it came with a migraine and a severe reactive arthritis, fmt to be blamed? I dont know. The RA was so bad that a small band in my hand ruptured. I cant blame the FMT, because it could be a coincidence. I exchanged emails with some patients at the clinic, who were in my 'cohort'. One of them sent me a couple of months an email to ask about my condition. Hers has got much worse after FMT at Taymount, to the point where she developed a tumor like in her pancreas (she said it was kind of a sack or a growth). Strikingly, I read on this subredit about a similar growth in one of Taymounts patients dating long before this fellow patient's issue. Related? I dont know. I would highly recommend thinking twice before doing FMT in general.

Original 26 May 2021 (23 comments).
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