Article Most US sandwich baggies contain toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’. Testing commissioned by Mamavation blog found high levels of a marker of PFAS in nine of 11 baggies tested (Mar 2024)

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023

The analysis, conducted by an Environmental Protection Agency-certified lab and commissioned by the Mamavation blog, is the latest to highlight the use of PFAS in the nation’s food packaging.

The only brand that did not show any markers of PFAS was Ziploc. Public health advocates say the best way consumers can protect themselves is to use glass containers instead of plastic.

You can buy compostable sandwich/zip-lock bags in some stores now. Target has them.
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That's interesting, I knew some food containers contained PFAS. I have always wondered about sandwich bags, plastic wrap etc. There are so many items that contain PFAS, bedding and any stain resistant product, most likely contains PFAS. Bamboo bedding usually doesn't contain PFAS, but you have to ask the manufacturer if they use and stain protection or fire retardant chemicals in their product.