Microbioma More people keep using Microbioma.org and getting eczema. Absolutely mindboggling. (2021)


Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
All the information is out there. Yet these people completely ignore it, certainly do not share it with each other, and subsequently suffer the consequences.

Absolutely mindboggling behavior. I can't believe this is real. How can people be this stupid?
  • It has been public information that the donor has eczema.
  • Even when it wasn't, it's public information (which I've shared probably over a hundred times) how to vet a donor. Which includes asking for the full questionnaire -- which would show you the donor put "yes" for "dermatitis?".
  • It's public information that the owner of microbioma.org is a proven liar who, when caught, simply doubles down on more lies.
  • It's public information that the owner is openly racist, and thus their judgement is extremely poor.
  • It's public information that the owner is just some random, mostly anonymous person, who doesn't know what they're doing, and simply wants to make money off of ignorant & desperate people.

FMT is well known to be a potentially deadly medical procedure, as well as an experimental one where you can likely contract virtually any condition of the donor's. To be trusting your life to a person like that is just stunningly idiotic. To some extent, people that dumb deserve the punishment they're bringing on themselves. But some of them are doing it for their kids, and their kids absofuckinglutely do not deserve such treatment.

"Yes my son has a rash on his arms that hasn't gone away since he's done it. He also cannot go into the sun or he burns." -SD

"i had red itchy dots like those on your picture when i did microbioma. never had it before." -PB

Is it possible to develop eczema from a FMT? I did a private donor originally but failed (C diff came back), so I ordered through microbioma. Now after the second transplant I have eczema developing all over my body. I've heard two other people mention this happening on the FMT Reddit sub so I know one of their donors has been confirmed to have eczema -SC


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  1. I included all required info