Human Microbes moderate improvements in chronic fatigue, FMT by Human Microbes, Donor UT-AW-1998, detailed write-up (2022)


Jul 13, 2023
symptoms I wanted to treat:
3+ years of chronic fatigue, brain fog, histamine intolerance, probably some (unrecognized) allergies/food intolerances, not diarrhea, but consistently very soft stool, several different but hard to describe ways of “feeling very shitty/sick”

I used up 3 medium-sized stools over a period of about 6 weeks. The stools were all ordered from Human Microbes, from Donor UT-AW-1998.

I sttarted with taking 20 pills per day for 5 days, then continued to take 5-10 pills per day until stools were used up.

At the same time I did enemas with 10-30g of stool 1-3 times per week - more often in the beginning.

At the same time of doing FMT I was on Gut Health Protocol
with ketonic diet consisting of hemp protein, eggs, chicken meat, some veggies. I did a "kill phase" of 6 weeks of very low fiber and low carbs and various antimicrobial herbs/supplements according to the protocol prior to starting FMT, to kill all bad bacteria in my gut. After starting regular FMT I switched into the "healing phase" of the protocol, which includes a lot of things - one of them being supplementing a lot of different fibers.

I feel moderately better now, about 2 months after FMT, but it’s a bit hard to say. I definitely felt a lot better for ~4 weeks during/after FMT, but only some of the benefits lasted. I also had a ~3 week streak of “perfect stool” - something I haven’t even been close to for 5+ years! But by now my stool is about as bad as it had been before FMT, i.e. almost always quite soft but not liquid, regularly once per day.

Especially my “peak performance” on “good days without symptoms” improved a lot. Previously even “good days” weren’t that good. At the same time I continue to have frequent quite bad days with lots of fatigue.

I’ve always had a few different clusters of fatigue-like symptoms. There were hangover-like days (as if I had drunk a lot of alcohol). This has become less often and less bad after FMT. I also often had fluey feverish feelings. These have actually completely disappeared for now. However, they had been gone for periods of a few weeks before, but had always returned so far. Still, this is one of the longest “not feeling fluey” phase so far.
I also know days of “feeling just utterly exhausted, as if I had run a marathon”. These have actually become a little bit more often I feel.

All in all I would say that most “ways of feeling shitty” have become less shitty since FMT, but some aspects have worsed a bit and a few new ways of feeling shitty have appeared. In general my symptoms have changed pretty dramatically. Overall it was a moderate improvement - enough to motivate me to give FMT another try in the future.

Things that got better:
- less “feeling shitty/sick/fatigued”, or rather: many aspects of “feeling shitty and brain fogged” disappeared completely, while others persisted and a few new “ways of feeling shitty” were added.

- I now need about 1 hour less sleep per day without feeling more tired. Awesome!! Sometimes I only sleep ~6 hours per day for a few days in a row now without feeling tired at all! This had not even been the case years before I became sick!

- my “best days post FMT” are much better than “best days prior FMT”

- much better stool consistency for ~3 weeks after FMT, but that didn’t last.

- I had much more vivid dreams during and a bit after FMT - very interesting!!

- I’ve already been a pretty happy person, but I feel like after FMT my mood is even better. On many days I now feel a persistent strong feeling of happy energy (almost like very low dose MDMA). Sometimes I can’t stop smiling even when my body feels pretty shitty. Very nice!!

Things that got worse:
- occasional very mild skin conditions in the face for about 6 weeks, that didn’t last

- For a few weeks I had some pimples throughout my body, that eventually all went away.

- smelly “rotten eggs farts” happen more often now

- some allergy-like symptoms (e.g. clotted nose, low blood pressure, very dry skin, a new type of brain fog) actually seem to happen more often now.

- I also sometimes feel a new way of “feeling sick” that is hard to describe that I think I did not have before FMT.

Hopefully these are just temporary thing while everything adjusts to the microbiome changes.

When I started FMT I felt extremely sick for about 3 days and had very strong diarrhea. It was extremely unpleasant, but did completely disappear in the end! I strongly recommend people to start with a very low dose of feces and slowly work your way up. That way you should be fine. (I was “stupid” and immediately started with 20 pills all taken at once…)

Prior to FMT:
  • This was my first FMT
  • long history (3-5 years) of severe gut health issues and chronic fatigue
  • had tried countless different treatments throughout the last 3 years (FODMAP Diet, many different probiotics, fasting, many different diets, went to countless doctors and did hundreds of tests, but nothing had worked, I was extremely desperate and willing to try anything)
  • had tried “The Gut Health Protocol” by John Heron a few months prior and that had helped a lot. I went through that protocol again for a second time while simultaneously doing FMT

  • “Phage Complete”, a probiotic that also contains Phages
  • fish oil
  • Vitamins: B’s, C, D
  • Zink, copper, magnesium

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