Microbioma Microbioma. For ME/CFS, IBS, SIBO, brain fog, muscle/back problems etc., lots of symptoms. Significant improvement (2021)



Jul 13, 2023
I did FMT, I decided to use microbioma.org as a source after weighing in all options. I have so far done 6 enemas and 2x120 capsules course.

All in all, its been a major game changer for me. Before FMTs, I was bedridden most of days (sick already for 7 years, of which for last 4 years severely sick and bedridden 80-90% of time), ridden with pain and all the symptoms (unbearable muscle tension and pain, brain fog, wired but tired, weakness, vision/sound sensitivity, gut cramps...) which kept me unable to do any meaningful activity, just barely surviving.

I have had most effect with capsules (which is kind of consistent with having SIBO diagnosis, but who knows… in my case I am convinced its not only small intestine being problematic but at least partially also lower gut). Enemas worked to some degree too, but capsules a lot more. I took them most often in the morning, on empty stomach with water or fruit juice, then after about an hour I ate. Some days I fasted on the day before (I only ate lunch, nothing later in day). Sometimes I tried taking them with meal, not sure if it was more effective or not. The dosage was most often around 20 capsules/day,sometimes less, sometimes more, taken day after day. With capsules, It clearly started working already in first days, on 3rd or 4th day I was feeling definitely a lot better, there were some fluctuations, swings in how I felt, but no major problems, no strong herx etc. Towards end I lowered it to few capsules, about 5/day. I believe the FMT cleared up some bad microbes overgrowth in my gut.

Currently I am able to be active most of days, almost all of my symptoms significantly improved. Thanks to muscle tension/pain improved, I can move MUCH easier, also I can talk and do just anything a lot easier. Also I can describe my improvement as if a kind of thick veil was removed from my brain and my perception, brightening my vision as well. My whole body feels better, more normal, less toxic, reality is colorful again, I can do most of usual, everyday tasks and they don’t feel like a huge effort anymore. Before, even taking a shower was a huge undertaking, now I can just go and do it, like a normal human being, which feels a bit like a miracle. Able to tolerate foods I couldnt eat before. I see I am not fully recovered yet, I feel there is still a room for improvement and work to be done. BUT… without doubt, I can say that what I've done so far has made a major positive difference already and FMT really helped me. I haven't felt this good in a VERY long time.

TLDR: I did FMT for ME/CFS, IBS, SIBO, many various symptoms, after being sick for several years and it helped me a lot.

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