Paul Froomes, AU Melbourne. Improvements for UC. (2017)

Paul Froomes, Queensland or Melbourne, AU


Jul 13, 2023
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Hey all!

So I was diagnosed with UC last December... and to cut a long story short have been working with a doctor in Australia and tonight have just finalised my 10 days of FMT treatment. If you don't know what this is - seriously have a google. It has already changed my life. For the first time I have been able to eat breakfast without being sick, my urgency has improved by more than 80%, my bleeding has improved by about the same but not completely over, hardly any mucus... I can't even begin to describe how different I feel. It's crazy. The process is hard, I'm really tired and going through the treatment I am feeling a lot of 'die off' symptoms which is basically the new bacteria killing off the bad bacteria, makes me feel nauseous and weak.

My doctor says I should be in remission in 4-6 weeks, and even based on how I'm feeling now I'd be happy to just live like this forever. If I do reach remission now that's just a bonus. I feel like... normal. It's incredible.

Overall though, yes it's costly and it may not be accessible to all of you, but if it is, please look into it. Please keep your mind open. I can't believe how much better I feel, this was a last resort for me after flaring since diagnosis and trying different meds and I am so ridiculously glad I did it.
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