Is that IBS? Is that SIBO? Is that SIFO?


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May 3, 2024
Hi there,

For the past 3 months I have been having strange gut behaviour very similar to what an IBS is:
– 1-2 stools a day not really formed or very “pasty” that smell bad
– It seems I am feeling well 1 day over 2 (like 1 day I am OK, the next one very bloated, the day after ok…)
– I started to have face pimple more regularly
– When I feel weaker/bloated I have weird sensation to legs and arms like joint pains? Is that leaky gut?
– More intolerance to food (milk, eggs, soya, some grains...)
- Recently during the night or late evening I got a belly pain like intoxication and need to poo quick but it's just gas and so i stay in my bed. It lasts around 15mins max and then it's fine (VERY WEIRD! it's like my body telling me: sorry you can just eat vegetables to be OK :( )

In overall, I don’t feel especially “bad” as I don’t want to go poop every hours but I know something is wrong. I have IBD (UC) and got a flare in December, I’ve been switched to anti-tnf and everything is OK, no inflammation at all, no side effect so far. Also no parasites nor pathogens as per recent analysis. NOTE: I started to feel this before the UC flare so it might have triggered it, but stool appearance was still OK at that time (before inflammatory diarrheas kick off of course).

I did a microbiota test in December showing low diversity so I also tried to improve my gut since it started: I sometimes drink water and milk kefir, eating more fermented food in general. I also eat any kind of fiber (starchy, legumes, vegetables, fruits) as I hate restriction. I wonder if my diet of fermented stuff messed things off? It seems sugar containing food is what triggers it so I’d go for SIFO but I know it’s very difficult to know exactly when it’s IBS related.
NOTE: I am taking anti histaminic for 2-3 weeks now (ebastin) and it's been amazing like 50% issues disappeared, but still I am concerned that if something is wrong with histamin there is a broader issue.

Any tests that have been showing proof? any similar stories or experiences? I think my gastro won’t be able to help and so I was ready to check medical functional practitioner to find the root if it’s the only solution but it’s long, painful and can cost a lot.
I was thinking about biofilm and wanted to give a try to NAC supplement. I do have caprylic acid but does not seem to have helped much.

Thank you!
Only your doctor can tell you if you have IBS. "SIBO" and "SIFO" are largely not real diagnoses. They're incorrect notions spread like wildfire on the internet for some reason... Perhaps they're easier for laypeople to grasp the notion of, and perhaps there are people profiting off of "solutions" for them.

Read this:

Anything you eat could be a trigger, including fermented foods.

The FAQ is a good place to start:

Don't depend on those microbiome tests:

I think my gastro won’t be able to help and so I was ready to check medical functional practitioner to find the root if it’s the only solution but it’s long, painful and can cost a lot.
Indeed. Which is why many people resort to DIY FMT. My knowledge and experience with alternative medicine practitioners is that they're a waste of time and money and may make things worse.
Merci (from France) about all your information and this website. I will read cautiously about everything. It seems I am back to normal when I eat a lot of vegetables and low sugar diet so I will try to maintain something very healthy hoping my gut microbiota will be strong enough in some weeks.

I agree with you about SIBO and SIFO: that internet made these conditions like something terrible you need to get rid, but I don't know if that stupid of me, I have faith on natural recovery and I am sure if you treat well your organs (intestines-gut here), things will go back to normal some day.