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Jan 22, 2024
I'm posting my shortened story to see if maybe there are any glaring issues. I feel like I've come to the conclusion that FMT is my only chance for a cure. After discovering this forum, I've learned I likely have even more inputs towards my issues than I knew of.

Maybe a template of sorts would be a good idea. I'm using Michael's donor questionnaire to help me with this post. Obviously it will show I'm not a donor, but a recipient candidate.

Age? 37

How consistently are your stools each type? Are there foods that cause changes in the type of stool you have? If so, which foods cause what changes? Mostly a 4. I have trigger foods I try to avoid. Mostly it's onions. I'm also vegetarian.

How often do you have a bowel movement? 1/day usually. Sometimes 2.

Have you had past/recent blood tests? Any abnormal results? Nothing too recent. I'm due for my annual next month. Usually nothing concerning.

History of, or known exposure to, HIV, HBV or HCV, syphilis, human T-lymphotropic virus I and II, malaria, trypanosomiasis, tuberculosis? None

Tattoo or body piercing within previous 6 months? None

Incarceration or history of incarceration? None

Known systemic infection or current communicable disease? Possible Crohn's Disease. I was diagnosed with IBS at 23 after several ER visits. A colonoscopy didn't reveal anything. After going through tons of test I swallowed a pill camera and ulcers were found in my mid small intestine. The pain was unbearable at first. Later it became better or I tolerated it better. Now it's usually daily, but nothing worrying. I do not take medication for it.

Previous reception of blood products? None

Recent (<6 months) needle stick accident? Just vaccines

Recent medical treatment in poorly hygienic conditions? None

Risk of transmission of diseases caused by prions? Unknown

Recent parasitosis or infection from rotavirus, Giardia lamblia and other microbes with GI involvement? Not that I know of.

Recent (<6 months) travel in tropical countries, countries at high risk of communicable diseases or traveler's diarrhea? No

Surgeries or hospitalizations? Several surgeries including removal of my gallbladder for being hyper active. Thought it was a cause of my pain. Not much difference. Others include hernea repair and deviated septum which did help with sinus issues. ER visits as mentioned before

Breast fed? For how long? I believe so. Unknown

Vaginal birth or c-section? C-section

Health status/fitness of self? Including physical fitness, body fat percentage, muscular, thin, toned, etc. Do you play any sport? Lift weights? How often? College, semi-pro, pro? Somewhat athletic to now overweight. I have some muscle on me, but I'm 5'8 210lbs at the moment. I've had weight issues since going on Paxil.

Health status/fitness of parents and siblings? Mom is a diet nut. She's skinny, but I don't know how healthy she is. She takes weight loss meds. Breast cancer survivor. Dad is type 2 diabetic. Probably 5'10 260. He was in shape in his youth. All siblings are half siblings so I'm not sure how good any info from them would be.

Any diseases or illnesses that run in the family (Alzheimer's, cancers, depression/suicide, heart failure, etc.)? If parents have health problems, at what ages did they develop? Paternal grandfather and father were/are type 2. My grandma says grandpa was skinny until he went on a daily medication. He passed of heart failure at 69. Father is 60

Any congenital/birth defect/disease of self or immediate family members? None

What's your current diet like, and your dietary history (especially as a child)? Vegetarian. Was vegan for 5 or so years. Garbage diet as a kid. Mostly healthy now, but over eater. Fasting at the moment to try and lose weight.

Any food cravings? Any food intolerances? Sugar cravings and binge eating. I don't crave very sweet stuff, but things like granola are my weakness. Don't tolerate onions well. Very sweet stuff like candy give me heart burn.

Allergies? Adhesives, baker's and brewer's yeast

Please list all instances of antibiotic, antiviral, or antifungal usage, and at what ages and duration taken. I took Ammoxicillan daily as a kid for quite a while. Either my mom had access from being a nurse or it was a long term prescription for ear infections. Occasional antibiotic use as an adult. No anti viral or fungal that I recall

Any drug use? Seldom Marijuana. In the past, frequent Marijuana, some robitussin, some Salvia, weekend alcohol.

Probiotics, medications, supplements?
Occasional probiotic (NOW 10 strain, 50 billion)

Paxil 30mg (anxiety), Verapamil (for tension, not blood pressure. I take a half standard dose), famotidine 20mg (acid reflux)

Magnesium glycinate (I've been mag deficient several times), D3, l-ergothioneine, super greens capsule

Risky sexual behavior (anonymous sexual contacts; sexual contacts with prostitutes, drug addicts, individuals with HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis; work as prostitute; history of sexually transmittable disease, unprotected sex with untested partners)? If so, how frequent/recent? In my youth, risky behavior. Chlamydia once (antibiotics). Nothing recent. Monogamous with my wife for over 10 years.

Smoked or lived with smokers? Never smoked grew up around parents and grandparents smoking.

Issues with sleep such as insomnia, frequent waking during night, nightmares, sleep paralysis, etc.? Do you dream every night and remember them when you wake? How would you rate the quality of your sleep? CPAP for apnea. Snoring does seem to dissipate when I get my weight down. Stress dreams. Wake feeling tired. I don't always recall dreams. Sleep qualify probably 4/10. A mid day nap really helps, but I have 3 small kids and work full time, so that never happens.

Skin (dryness, excess sweating, rashes, eczema, dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.)? Terrible acne as a teen. Mostly good now.

Any problems with hair, eye sight, teeth/mouth (including cavities & fillings - when was the last time you went to dentist?), ears/hearing, body odors including bad breath, weight/fitness issues, sex drive, heart, lungs/breathing, bladder, hormonal, any kind of sensitivities, issues during/with menstruation. Overweight. Low sex drive (Paxil). Regularly see dentist.

Mental/emotional health, happiness, mood, anxiety, depression, headaches, or any other neurological or psychiatric conditions? Anxiety, but I'd classify it more as panic attacks. After abuse at a job, I started having them. Paxil curbs them. I was an anxious kid, but never had attacks. I just wasn't a public speaker. I got off Paxil once and was good until my son got sick. Then they started again. He's fine now, but I haven't tried to come off. Headaches unresponsive to Tylenol or ibuprofen. Usually only a nap helped. Verapamil has gotten rid of the terrible tension pain and headaches.

Have A's in class always came easy? Yes

Joint/muscle pain/stiffness? Muscle tension as above.

Digestion: issues with constipation/diarrhea, excessive gas, overly foul BMs, acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, etc.? Acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers

Any addictions or addictive behavior? No addictions. I don't even consume caffeine. Possible ADD as I go to my phone to often for constant stimulation.

Do you get sick often? When under stress? Yes, but I have a kid in preschool. I think I'm average here.

Does anything stick out as a glaring issue I can easily remedy?

I'd love to try FMT, but I'm in the US where it's only approved for cdiff. My unusually anxiety, small intestine ulcers, and frequent childhood antibiotic use have me thinking it's gut related. My main concern is the panic attacks. I don't have them on Paxil, but being on Paxil is not fun. My sex drive is gone and my energy is low.

I have no idea how to even breach the subject of DIY FMT. My oldest son (5) is a potential donor, but he was c-section, has had occasional antibiotics, and had Lyme which appears to be eliminated as we caught it very early. He had facial paralysis at 18mo, hence my panic attack resurgence. He's very bright and in great shape. My daughter (3) is unlikely a good donor as she currently has some GI distress, but it could just be her holding it in etc. My 18mo son is really an unknown, but all 3 have taken occasional antibiotics. My wife has moderate Crohn's. She's out. I have friends who are athletes with PhDs but they're up in Buffalo. My wife moved me to Pittsburgh, so I know less people here and can't think of a single great donor.

I'd like to add that I took Accutane as a teen. It's been linked to GI issues. I forget if I took it 1 or 2 years
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