Human Microbes, Donor UT-AW-1998. Substantial Results. Trying to treat BS-M, Numerous Food Sensitivities (dairy, gluten, coconut, FODMAPS), GAD, OCD, Depression, Insomnia (2023)


Jul 13, 2023
Conditions being treated: IBS-M, Numerous Food Sensitivities (dairy, gluten, coconut, FODMAPS), GAD, OCD, Depression, Insomnia

Starting health status, from 1 to 10: 5.5/10

Ending health status, from 1 to 10: 7/10

What adverse events did you experience?: Upon startup: Lots of gas, back pain, aggravation of injury in foot, diarrhea. Most of these went away within 1-1.5 weeks. Long term: moderate increase on muscle/connective tissue inflammation.

What benefits did you experience?: Significant reduction in reactions to trigger foods. I can now consume dairy as long as I take lactase enzyme. Before course of FMT, this was not possible. No more issues with coconut either. Still have problems with apples (pectin) and gluten--although the latter is substantially improved. Sleep quality increased and I was able to reduce the dose of one of my medications. GI inflammation is way down and I appear to be producing more mucus in the GI tract which is a welcome development. After getting over the initial diarrhea, my stools are now consistently uniform 3-4 on bristol scale and clean.

Would you recommend this donor? Yes/no: Yes. This donor appears to be safe and really good for those who do not have much GI mucus production or intestinal permeability issues like myself.

Overall rating of this donor: 8/10

Supplements & medications you are/were taking: Lamotrigine, Mirtazapine, creatine, fish oil, vit d, nacetyl glucosamine, CoQ10, magnesium L-Threonate, pomegranate extract, biovin red wine extract, melatonin

Diet before, during, and after: Berries, bananas, mangoes, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, cucumber, spinach and romaine lettuce, white rice, sweet/white/red potatoes, chicken, beef, pork. Decaf coffee and tea (no sugar or creamer). Olive and avocado oils. Some sweets mixed in (gluten free). Diet is generally meat/protein and fruit/veggies heavy, lower on carbs. Skip 1 meal every other day, generally breakfast

Using other donors at the same time?: No. I never had tried FMT prior to this.

Have used other donors in the past? If so, how would you rank this donor compared to them?: N/A

Additional comments: Generally, I am very pleased with the results from FMT, and now that I am about a week post treatment, The benefits appear to be holding. I can now eat daily (milk, cheese and ice cream) which I have not been able to have in any appreciable quantity in years. I also have reduced sensitivity to FODMAPS, although arabinogalactans and pectin still seem to give me issue. Stools are very consistent, even with variance in what is eaten. The only negative effect I experienced is an increase in musculoskeletal inflammation, primarily in an old injury from last year. I feel the trade off was worth it. FMT did not have an appreciable impact on my mental health conditions, although they were in a pretty good spot to begin with.

Date of first FMT: 2/7/2023

Date of last FMT: 4/17/2023

Date of this report: 4/23/2023

Number of FMTs done from this donor: 60+ fmts using capsules over ~2.5 months.

Routes: upper, lower, both: Capsules (oral route) only. 1-2 capsules a day.

Fresh or Frozen? Antifreeze? Frozen, without antifreeze.

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