Human Microbes, Donor UT-AW-1998. No benefits, i.e. failure. Trying to treat histamine intolerance, MCAS, hypothyroidism, fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, multiple food intolerances/sensitivities, autoimmunity... (2022)


Jul 13, 2023




Conditions being treated

  • Fatigue
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Autoimmunity (thyroid, maybe brain and other tissues)
  • Multiple food intolerances/sensitivities (gluten, A1 dairy, nightshades, iodine, etc...)
  • Histamine intolerance and possible MCAS
  • Chronic brain fog
  • Depression and anxiety
  • History of IBS-M (went away after doing a round of herbal antimicrobials some time ago)
  • Severe, chronic dry eye syndrome.
  • Dandruff, itchy rashes, possible seb. dermatitis.

Starting health status, from 1 to 10


Ending health status, from 1 to 10


What adverse events did you experience?

  • Lots of gas
  • Itchy rashes (histamine reaction)
  • Brain fog
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue

What benefits did you experience?


Would you recommed this donor? Yes/no.

No, not from my experience.

Overall rating of this donor

5/10. Didn't help, but didn't hurt either. None of the negative effects were permanent. Seems to be free of pathogens. Others were helped by this donor.

Supplements & medications you were taking

  • Thyroid hormone (levothyroxine, triiodothyronine).
  • DAO supplements (NaturDAO).
  • Betaine HCL supplements.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2 drops, sometimes a multivitamin (Thorne Research)

Diet before, during, and after

  • Beef and beef fat (tallow) sometimes beef liver and heart. Sometimes lamb.
  • White rice.
  • Goat milk and yogurt.
  • Some fruit (bananas, mangos, persimmons, tangerines, blueberries, cherries...)
  • Sometimes vegetables like carrots, onions or winter squash.
  • Sometimes olive oil.
  • Unprocessed additive-free salt. Sometimes herbs here and there.
  • Sweeteners like agave syrup, sugar beet syrup, sugar or honey. Sometimes rice flour.
  • Small amounts of tapioca and arrowroot starch.

Using other donors at the same time?


Have used other donors in the past? If so, how would you rank this donor compared to them?


Additional comments

Donor appears to be safe. All the side effects were transient. I did not get any benefits, not even temporary ones. Very disappointing. I wonder if any of the bacteria survived the journey and the freezing/thawing. All the reactions I got from the FMT can be explained as mere reactions to the fecal matter itself and undigested particles within it (probably some kind of seed or grain/legume). I did upper and lower FMTs. The lower only once because I found it to be very difficult. I tried oral FMT by just swallowing the frozen stool and washing it down with water first thing in the morning, then waiting for an hour before eating. I also tried it by dissolving the stool in warm water, then drinking it. This lead to less reactions to the FMT, probably due to avoiding the undigested food particles in the donor's stool. I also tried thawing the stool and swallowing it in stomach acid-resistant capsules. None of these methods provided any benefit, sadly. Swallowing the frozen stool is not as difficult as it sounds. Hold your nose, put it at the back or your mouth, wash it down with water. Don't take too much or you might choke on it. Drink more water afterwards. Holding your nose avoids tasting most of the gross flavor. The most difficult part is getting over the initial revulsion. This method has the benefit of being less work than making capsules and you also avoid the process of thawing and filling the capsules, which might kill off more bacteria. The downside is little to no protection against stomach acid. Dissolving the stool in water and drinking that caused less reactions against the FMT in me but I can't speak to if it is as effective as the other methods or not. None of them had any effect for me. Making the capsules is kind of a hassle. I think I favor swallowing the frozen stool out of all of these methods.

Date of first FMT


Date of last FMT


Date of this report


Number of FMTs done from this donor


Routes: upper, lower, both.

Both. One lower, several upper (see additional comments).

Fresh or Frozen? Antifreeze?

Frozen with antifreeze.

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