Human Microbes, Donor UT-AW-1998. Major improvements for IBS-D, moderate improvements for CFS. Single treatment didn't last, as expected. (2022)


Jul 13, 2023
I acquired mixed IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome in 2017 after experimenting with carb-blockers for weight loss. I've experimented with many types of diets and probiotics since then.

On 11/22/2021, I performed a single FMT from UT-AW-1998 and saw immediate, major improvements. I water-fasted for 3 days to minimize my existing microbiome, then performed a bottom-up + top-down FMT on day 4, along with reintroduction of food (just boiled vegetables + broth for the first day or so).

My stool went from 50% type-4 and 50% type-5 to 90% type-3 and 10% type-4. Food went from something that usually made me tired to something that consistently gave me energy, except for on Thanksgiving day when I ate too much. My stool went from being highly variable, depending on what food I ate to being highly consistent, regardless of diet. I went from having/remembering dreams 1/50 nights to 1/2 nights. My sugar cravings went down dramatically and I was able to limit sugar intake to only during social encounters that demanded it. I've had ADHD my entire life and also hoped FMT could help with that, but I didn't see any improvements there.

Unfortunately, all of this only lasted ~3 weeks after the FMT. My erratic travel schedule didn't make it easy for me to do another one and I'm back to where I started. I plan on doing more in the next month or two and reporting back.

The FMT changed my body odor and my stool odor. The odors are mild and unoffensive, but I still have not gotten used to them. The stool odor mostly reverted to normal but the new body odor has remained. As mild as the new body odor is, I don’t really like it — I would loosely describe it as “rubbery”.

I've previously had a single FMT with MG Infusions and a few from Microbioma. MG's FMT gave me brain fog, so I didn't follow up with additional FMTs. Microbioma's FMT improved my CFS considerably (more so than UT-AW) but only moderately improved my IBS. With Microbioma's FMTs, I had decently consistent type-4 stools with type-5 only when eating problematic foods. I did 5 FMTs from Microbioma about 6 months before trying UT-AW and by then, 80% of the benefits from Microbioma FMTs had faded.

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