Human Microbes, Donor UT-AW-1998. Complete remission of severe eczema (60% of body), Complete remission of insomnia, moderate reduction in chronic fatigue, anxiety, and acne. Frozen delayed release capsules. 22 y/o male. (2022)


Jul 13, 2023

Prior to FMT:​

I have suffered from eczema since I was in 5th grade, beginning in the nooks of my elbows. Also had anxiety, but it was mild. When I was 15 I had cystic acne, and was recommended to see a dermatologist as opposed to treating it myself. The dermatologist prescribed me two courses of Doryx, a broad spectrum antibiotic. While it did eliminate the cystic acne, my eczema exploded all over my body. In addition, I developed moderate reoccurring acne. As the years passed by, my condition deteriorated. My anxiety gradually became worse, disturbed sleep became insomnia, low energy became chronic fatigue, and my eczema would quickly become immune to whatever medications I used, mandating stronger steroids and so on.

After exhausting steroid options (I refused to go on stronger forms at one point), exhausting protopic, and beginning to become resistant to Eucrisa, I began to panic as the only options left were either absurdly expensive (dupixent - injections taken weekly for the rest of your life and cost ~40k a year with insurance) or potentially dangerous (systemic JAK inhibitors which would shred my immune system).

I was no longer able to function academically nor was I able to hold down jobs. I had managed to graduate high school at the top of my class, but became so sluggish that I put off university because I knew I couldn't do it. Could barely stand to work even 20 hours a week due to fatigue and anxiety, so I was always in between jobs.

Originally, I looked into supplements, like Vitamin D (which I still take), magnesium (also still take), fish oil, NAC, and a variety of other substances that for one reason or another I believed could have helped. I probably spent several thousand USD experimenting with them. The one that worked best was NAC, but only as a mild reduction in anxiety, while further deteriorating sleep.

Next, I considered there could have been genetic causes, such as a mutation in MTHR codons or any genes that relate to methylation. I joined the All Of Us research program and sent in my saliva, which they promised to return me with a whole genome results file free of charge. Still haven't heard back.

Then I looked into food. I tried various diets - keto, paleo, vegan, and finally carnivore. Keto did not work, paleo seemed to mildly improve my symptoms, and vegan made all my symptoms across the board substantially worse. However, when I began eating only ground beef, salt, eggs, whole milk, and cottage cheese, I saw mild to moderate relief in every single symptom after 4 days of compliance. This is when I made the connection between the antibiotics and a dysbiotic gut.

Carnivore did not cure me, and I worried about it being untenable for one reason or another in the future. So I pursued FMT.


Eczema (60% of body)
Chronic Fatigue
Severe anxiety
Moderate acne
Poor skin quality
Poor hair quality
Brain fog


Ground beef, eggs, whole milk, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, beef liver, ham. Never ate out or ate processed foods.

Within the last few months I tried incorporating a bowl of oatmeal with milk and peanut butter once a week. After months of carnivore, I was able to eat it with only minuscule negative effects. I could not eat more than that in a week however.

I also used a VERY GENEROUS amount of salt, between 1-3 teaspoons a day. The reason I did this is because when I first started carnivore, it was very difficult to maintain compliance beyond a week because I craved plant foods, junk foods, and other processed foods. When I realized that what they all had in common was the perception that they were salty, I started generously seasoning all my food with salt. The cravings went away and carnivore compliance became significantly easier.


Vitamin D3+K2+C combined
Magnesium Oxide "micromag"

Both from Nootropics Depot.


Regretfully I didn't keep a daily or weekly log, so this is off the top of my head. I also did not keep pictures, nor do I have before and after. Due to poor self esteem and body image issues, the only pictures I have of myself are from 6-7 years ago when I was still in high school and my eczema was nowhere near as severe. I honestly didn't think to take pictures during the FMT process either. Genuinely very sorry.

I started in November. I had spread out my doses which were ~20 capsules on a weekly basis, for 4 consecutive weeks.

First noticed positive effects 24 hours after first dose. Mild reduction in eczema and more energy. Over the course of the first week my anxiety nearly disappeared, however by the second week it quickly came back.

I was seeing improvements in other symptoms after every dose within 24 hours, which tapered off somewhat over the week.

By the end of the 4th week my eczema had completely disappeared. By Christmas my insomnia had completely disappeared, and my anxiety improved somewhat. As well as gradual improvements in subjective skin/hair quality (Family members say I look younger), acne (only have one or two minor pimples on my face every now and then), chronic fatigue (I now lift weights, have gotten a full time job as a technician at my local high school, am looking into finally enrolling into university for engineering), and subjective well being / confidence / self esteem.

I experienced no adverse effects.

All of it happened so fast. This was miraculous for me. I was bitter and angry at myself, I felt like I could so much more but was limited by my body. My family and friends chastised that maybe my life wasn't going anywhere because I was simply too lazy and unable to "get over it". I wondered if it was normal to be this tired, to be unable to look people in the eye anymore, and if others in my position would just muster the will power to get over it. I wondered if I was just a weak person.

The changes from the FMT were so dramatic and I immediately took advantage of the newfound energy I had. I had gone from strong ambitions of going to a top tier university as a high school student, to accepting that I will live and die as an impoverished NEET, to finally going to university back in my prime. The future looks bright.

I am now convinced that "laziness", anxiety, irritability, and fatigue have physiological causes - they are not defects of character, but symptoms of underlying disease that can be treated or cured outright.

I still have some anxiety, but it is very controllable. I think I still have some mild fatigue, but I am able to accomplish everything I need to right now.

I hope FMT begins to be taken seriously for its medicinal potential. I honestly saw myself as the last type of person to do FMT, because I have strong reflexive disgust and was reluctant to try anything so fringe and looked down upon. I only was willing to take a leap of faith because I had no other options left.

I will pursue a follow up FMT to reinforce the changes in my gut, see if there could be further improvements in anxiety and fatigue although I am fine with how I am now, and move on. Everyone involved in Human Microbes and the donor has my sincere gratitude.

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