Human Microbes, Donor FL-RS-1997. Significant benefits. Trying to treat histamine intolerance, MCAS, hypothyroidism, fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, multiple food sensitivities, autoimmunity... (2023)


Jul 13, 2023




Conditions being treated

Fatigue, hypothyroidism, autoimmunity (thyroid, maybe brain and other tissues, i didn't do any testing there), multiple food intolerances/sensitivities (gluten, a1 dairy, nightshades, etc...), histamine intolerance and possible MCAS, chronic brain fog, depression and anxiety, history of IBS-M, severe and chronic dry eye syndrome, dandruff, itchy rashes, possible seb. dermatitis.

Starting health status, from 1 to 10


Ending health status, from 1 to 10


What adverse events did you experience?

Lots of gas, itchy rashes (histamine reaction), brain fog, constipation.

What benefits did you experience?

Not sure (see additional comments).

Would you recommed this donor? Yes/no.


Overall rating of this donor


Supplements & medications you were taking

Thyroid hormone (levothyroxine, triiodothyronine) DAO supplements (NaturDAO), betaine HCL supplements, vitamin D3 and K2 drops, sometimes a multivitamin (Thorne Research).

Diet before, during, and after

Before and during: beef, organs and tallow, white rice, goat milk and yogurt, some fruit (mostly bananas and blueberries), sometimes carrots, agave syrup. After: Added much more fruit, honey, some vegetables and goat cheese.

Using other donors at the same time?


Have used other donors in the past? If so, how would you rank this donor compared to them?

UT-AW-1998. I ranked this donor higher than the other, but honestly I'm not sure if he is really better (see additional comments).

Additional comments

During and right after I did the FMTs I did not experience any benefits. Just the usual side effects like a histamine reaction. About a week later I noticed drastic benefits. The problem is, I cannot clearly attribute this to the FMT because I'm currently also doing helminthic therapy. I inoculated myself with Necator Americanus larvae about 3 months ago and did another inoculation between some of my FMTs. One week after my second inoculation the helminthic therapy finally kicked in (it can take a couple of months) and my symptoms drastically improved. Improved skin, better mood and focus, less fatigue, my reactions to food are like 95% better, my stool quality is a lot better, it is quite remarkable. And all of this in a very short time. Since then, I have also been able to lower my thyroid hormone dose significantly and I'll probably be able to come off of it completely in the future. I had been on a low-iodine diet for years because consuming it would worsen the autoimmune attack against the thyroid. With the autoimmunity controlled by the helminths, I was able to reintroduce iodine into my diet again and my endogenous thyroid hormone production sprang back to life. I truly haven't felt this good in years. Even my chronic dry eye syndrome seems to be getting better. I always suspected that was related to my autoimmune disease. I think the FMT helped as well though, it's not just due to helminthic therapy. I did a stool microbiome test (yes I know, not super accurate) and I saw a lot more species that showed up compared to tests in the past with the same laboratory. A lot of keystone species like butyrate-producing species, Akkermansia, or Faecalibacterium, that were just absent from my gut in all previous tests. So it seemed like the FMT was a success in that regard, it's just that the strong immune-modulating effects of the helminths were needed to get my (gut) immune system under control again. Both together seem to be very, very effective in restoring immune health and a healthy gut microbiome. I could not imagine before how effective this combined therapy would be for my chronic health issues.

Date of first FMT


Date of last FMT


Date of this report


Number of FMTs done from this donor

About 8

Routes: upper, lower, both

Both. Two lower, several upper (see additional comments).

Fresh or Frozen? Antifreeze?

Frozen. No antifreeze.

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