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Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
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even rarer than your super donor i have a super colon and thats unherd of! having a super colon and pbs or pleasurable bowel syndrome is very unique and enjoyable, an anatomical lottery prize winner, it has taught me a great deal that you would find very interesting. but we live in a world that does not want to know how to tune whats inside them and the medical machine likes and demands itto be that way.... we are outsiders looking in, its all about selling expensive drugs and they protect that with a vengeance
Been looking for a donor for years. My family don't, by any means, qualify. Am bedridden from very advanced MS and severe fatigue and vertigo which doesn't allow me to sit up without passing out. Very close to death for a few years. Have had severe IBS since childhood and perpetually worsening fatigue since the age of 4 when almost died of a GI bug. Had pancolitis upon scoping and biopsies around 15 years ago, which magically went into remission and hasn't been identified by repeated colonoscopies and biopsies. I keep thinking that Veterinarians do FMT's on their patients regularly with good results. Could some of them be a resource for finding appropriate human donors?
It doesn't seem like many medical doctors are giving enough legitimacy to this as treatment for many chronic illnesses. I know that none of my many gastroenterologists (and I've had at least 8 or 9) have helped in this quest.
Is it possible for us to do our own testing of our stool, to see if it’s adequate for donation? I’m fairly certain my son would qualify, as his gut health is fantastic! I understand it’s difficult with a million applicants, but is there something we can do on our end that could help you/us determine if we are a match?
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I finished emailing 1.2 million people about this. The responses were depressing as hell. Overwhelmingly, the answer to:

is absolutely nothing. A mere handful of people, out of 1.2 million, offered some type of small contribution. Even philanthropic individuals like Jimmy Donaldson (AKA MrBeast) who have a personal interest in FMT (Crohn's disease) show zero interest in lifting a finger to do anything about it. A majority of people who responded to the email seem to be illiterate; including people with PhDs and MDs.

I know from experience that some people will read that and accuse me of being insulting. It's not an insult. It's a dry, factual statement.

No one seems to give a shit about chronic disease. I think it's become entirely normalized. Someone told me "I need HM so I can afford insulin for my diabetes". I responded "No, you need HM so you no longer have to purchase insulin". They insisted that no, they just need the money; the diabetes isn't the problem.

You give people the choice of $500 for your poop or a cure for chronic disease, and everyone chooses $500. How fucking delusional I was to think a cure for chronic disease would be highly sought after to the point of being priceless.

My experiences and observations continue to be stunningly dystopian and nonsensical, to the point where I continue to question whether this is real

I am starting to believe the NPC meme. People seem programmed for a narrow set of behaviors, and if you try to get them to do anything outside of that they either don't respond or spit out some nonsensical error dialog.

Telling people they have a one-in-a-million chance doesn't seem to have discouraged anyone from trying. Nor has it raised the quality of applicant. To the contrary in fact; many people read it and then sent in a request to review their denials because they felt they were the one-in-a-million donor. They were not.
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you are searching for a unicorn, a needle in the haystack kind of microbiome and if you find it don,t be surprised that it wont be effective in most people

michael you have been at this long enough to know the medical world hates this FMT they also feed you bullship to mislead you every step of the way they do not want or support in any way us being able to self cure .....the medical world is a trillion dollar industry and they will fight in every possible way to keep it that way!