High opportunistic bacteria on HMorg donors' GI-MAP tests--is this "normal" for this test?


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Apr 23, 2024
I was just looking at information on a HMorg donor (UT-AW-1998) and happened to look at the GI-MAP test. I was disappointed to see multiple high potentially inflammatory/dysbiotic bacteria--particularly Pseudomonas (including aeruginosa, though as a minority) and Staphylococcus aureus. The former is a H2S SIBO bacterium and histamine producer that I actually suspected at one point that I had an overgrowth of due to an odor from my GI tract (not a H2S odor, a sweet one) and gluten issues, but couldn't prove despite doing a 16S test from Thryve/Ombre AND a GI-360. Well, technically the former showed one read which says nothing. The latter is just a marker of overgrowth. Also, H. pylori was detected but not "high"--whereas I'm H. pylori negative by both a dedicated stool antigen test AND lack of detection on either microbiome test (not just "low", I mean below detection limit).

Then I looked at other donors, and the only other one with a GI-MAP result posted (FL-RS-1997) has high Pseudomonas and staph aureus as well, PLUS high H. pylori AND Morganella (the last of which is the only SIBO bacterium detected by either of MY tests)!

So here I was, having done TWO gut tests myself, with bad upper GI symptoms, and actually being disappointed that none of these opportunists were showing up to explain why I feel so awful. I just wrote it off at the time as small intestinal bacteria not making it into the stool to be detected. But now I see that BOTH active donors on HMorg show high values for multiple of these!
But it's GI-MAP, and that's one test I DIDN'T do.

So does that test pretty much show this kind of overgrowth for everyone? Has anyone on here taken a GI-MAP and actually shown undetectable H. pylori and/or nothing along the lines of Proteus, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, etc? Especially someone who also did another test that failed to pick them up at all? I'm kind of suspecting that this test has tons of false positives since what is the chance that 2/2 unrelated healthy donors happen to both be more dysbiotic than unhealthy me in pretty much the exact same way? And the one donor with a non-GI-MAP test (NZ-CozyFire) was the only one true negative for H. pylori (the others were not even tested for, not being part of the criteria). Which again makes me think it's the test.

Most of the information on those tests is not useful or reliable, which is why they are not used or recommended for stool donor screening. I used the GI Map for some donors because it contained the recommended tests. Most of the additional information can be ignored.

The GI Map specifically is covered here: https://humanmicrobiome.info/testing/#commercial-testing

H. Pylori and others are covered here: https://humanmicrobiome.info/testing/#fmt-donor-screening

Notice how under "H. Pylori" there is "virulence factor" (which are all "negative"). You can't simply label an entire genus or species as good or bad.

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