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Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
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Hi Michael,

I am one of the mere handful of people to make it through the questionnaire and preliminary screening process and I was wondering if it would be possible to pay for my own stool and blood testing so that I could potentially become an 'active' donor for Human Microbes. Aside from the GI Map Test and Blood testing at an STD clinic, is there any other comprehensive testing that 'active' donors need?

There are no expectations from me by paying for my own testing, but I think it would be helpful for potential recipients if the testing has already been paid for by the donor and completed ahead of time.

Please let me know how I can help.


Anthony R.
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At this point, it may be mildly helpful if you were one of the top ~50 candidates. You'd be notified by email if that were the case, and that discussion would take place via email.
At this point, it may be mildly helpful if you were one of the top ~50 candidates. You'd be notified by email if that were the case, and that discussion would take place via email.
Copy. I am not in the ideal age range since I am 38, but I am honestly in the best shape of my life. I would have probably ranked top tier in my teens and 20s even though I didn't have the proper nutrition and I didn't train properly.

Your theory is correct about people with great genetics and ideal microbiomes living in a bubble with every day being perfect with roses and sunshine. By never having to worry about health, reproduction, or money allows my family and me to live a life of prosperity and happiness.

Please let me know if you ever need to activate an 'older' donor from your list. I am your guy!


Anthony R.
back in 2023, I received an e-mail saying that my son was one of the 3,000 potential donors, but never heard anything after that
It’s not an FMT forum. Anything microbiome & health-related is fine. FMT is simply the most promising, complete, and studied intervention.
Ok, that is fantastic to hear. Just a quick FYI Michael (or should I call you Dr.). The Director at the Grifols Plasma center where I have been a qualified Anti-D donor for 5+ years, has encouraged me to take part in the CDIF/FMT community. He mentioned to me several times that my genetics, over all health and risk assessments as well as the supplements and diet I maintain would be potentially outstanding. Would my personal trainer at my gym be able to do the physical assessment and athletic base line as well as documenting all the fantastic supplements and dietary guidelines I follow? I've been religiously serious about my health since I left the Navy in 2009 and can confirm my stool is always a hearty type 4, sometimes 3 and rarely 2. Thanks in advance and I look forward to it.
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I'm a patient, not a doctor.

No personal trainer is required for the physical assessment, but people can include whatever extras they like.
Perfect. Ill be in touch soon, maybe 2weeks or so. Ill be including everything I can think of, as well as refreshing the information in the questionnaire as its been quite some time since the original inquiry. Im assuming that email goes directly to yourself. Thanks.
Everyone just got an update. It may have landed in spam.
I checked spam and there was nothing.
On 3/8/2023, I received an e-mail saying my son was on the list of 3,000 potential donors, but never got anything after that other than the 3/23/2024 email update.