Gut microbiome and personality

Otto Kretschmer

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Feb 12, 2024
Has gut microbiome been linked to personality?

In particular, I have a strongly unbalanced personality with very high Neuroticism and very low Extraversion... I wonder if getting an FMT from someone with a favorable Personality profile might reverse those tendencies? I'd like to turn into a fearless, extroverted individual.
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Correlation between gut microbiota and personality in adults: A cross-sectional study (2017):

Gut microbiome composition and diversity are related to human personality traits (Mar 2020) -

There are certainly causative links to personality traits. From the first link:

"It is now clear that the gut microbiota contributes significantly to the traits of humans as much as our genes, especially in the case of atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gastrointestinal tract malignancies, hepatic encephalopathy, allergies, behavior, intelligence, autism, neurological diseases, and psychological diseases. It has also been found that alteration of the composition of the gut microbiota in its host affects the behavior, intelligence, mood, autism, psychology, and migraines of its host through the gut-brain axis." (2018):
That was something I was curious and concerned about when I started out looking for a donor. Overall, FMT does not transfer personality, other than making you a better or worse version of yourself. It can certainly cause changes to "character traits", but largely only in so much as improving or worsening your general function. IE: if you have bipolar disorder and then cure it. Or if you use a bad donor and it worsens your cognitive function.
Do you think I could significantly lower the level of this trait

if I get a successful FMT of someone who is low on Neuroticism?
I don't think that's a valid way to go about FMT. "I'm high in X so find a donor low in X". Rather, look for a donor with an eubiotic, disease-resistant, unperturbed microbiome. People with all sorts of disorders and diseases would all benefit from the same "super-donor".