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Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxkMxdVN54A

I usually decline podcasts/video interviews due to my poor health & brain function. Historically, I struggle a lot in real-time, and thus strongly prefer text. It varies a lot from day to day and year to year.

However, there's also a need to inform people about what I'm doing: a single disabled person undertaking one of the largest public health projects in history, and possibly one of the most important ones if it turns out I'm right. And so far it's largely being ignored by all the major news media, research & philanthropic organizations, etc.

I may not have been clear that my goal is to find a panacea, not just to provide FMT to some people. I think FMT has that potential with a good enough donor.

Lindsey mentioned the Gates Foundation would want to conduct clinical trials -- that's exactly what I want, and what should be done. What I'm doing is as close to a clinical trial as I can get.

The Gates Foundation could:
  • Fund the transfer of the screening process over to an AI so that unlimited amounts of applications can be processed right away.
  • Expand the reach of donor recruitment. Currently, 99% of our recruitment comes from social media videos that people are organically creating. They appeal to people looking for work. Most applicants are not healthy and I've had limited reach to the people I think are most likely to qualify.
  • Possibly fund small clinical trials and other research to help elucidate the donor quality puzzle.
I have attempted to contact them in the past. And for directly applying for funding, their current criteria seems to rule it out. The alternative is "strategic investments" [1][2], but it doesn't sound like a great match and it's not something you can apply for.

If there are other philanthropic organizations who might be interested in taking this on, please let me (and them!) know.

A few things I missed:

Each donor is so unique. I think I found a donor that would be very effective for obesity/weight loss. Yet they're just sitting around with no demand while expensive pharma drugs with bad side effects are being heavily marketed, and FMT clinical trials for obesity are getting poor results due to the low-quality donors they're using.

It's frustrating to see news coverage of the government or private sector sending hundreds of millions in funding to projects I feel are much less promising.

I have thousands of donors better than what are currently being used worldwide, yet my donors are not in high demand because there is no incentive for institutions to use higher quality donors. My lowest "C. diff only" category are all far better than what hospitals and stool banks are using.

I'm growing more skeptical of published results. I think they're not properly tracking & reporting bad outcomes. They are likely brushing many detrimental side effects off as "unrelated" when they're not. And the quality of donors they're using doesn't match their reported outcomes. I used a 1-in-100,000 donor that was flawless and impressive in virtually every way. And I got worse.

It's also frustrating to me that every time the downsides of antibiotics are brought up in the news, etc., the collateral damage of antibiotics is completely ignored and the only concern mentioned is antibiotic resistance.

There are citations here https://humanmicrobiome.info/antibiotics/ regarding my statements about antibiotics.

Regarding Reddit, one of the biggest problems is that the majority of info there is misinformation. My write-up: Reddit is dangerous. The admins are out of control. Humanity needs a viable alternative.
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