Experiment with raw honey for topical treatment of wound (Jan 2019)

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
I read in the past about honey being used topically for wound healing due to its lack of water content which limits the growth of microbes. I have never had any issues with wounds/cuts getting infected, but it seems like antibiotics and possibly 1 low-quality FMT donor and possibly a soil probiotic all combined to significantly nerf my immune system.

First noticed a finger a bit swollen. Was either a splinter or something bit me and it's not going away for maybe a week already. Opened the skin with a sterilized needle to try and get out any splinter, soaked in vinegar for 30 minutes then hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes. Some pus came out, maybe a tiny dark piece. Put honey on a bandaid over the cut.

Started to feel fatigued and head lightly hurting burning, and a little ill at the same time as my infected finger started burning. Lying down for a bit. Finger hurting, and feeling systemic symptoms of infection. A little worried since I've read about MRSA and people losing limbs and life from it.

Over the next couple hours finger pain got much worse and spread to other fingers. Excruciating pain, like they're being crushed. Bundled up in bed, cold. Feels like body needs/wants fever but can't. Light heart pounding. Not going to doctor because there is no discoloration and I don't want to take antibiotics. Pain subsiding a bit about 4 hours after it started to get excruciating. Feeling run down, starting to feel sick a few hours later.

Next day everything mostly ok. Cut had formed a scab.

A few days later the cut seems to be healing. The swelling is gone. Continued to heal up.

Take away seems to be that the mode of action of honey is definitely not only lack of water content, but rather some components of it trigger an immune response.

Original 15 Jan 2019.
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