Experiment with "enema only" vs "top-down/oral/capsules". Colon-only methods do not seem complete. Particularly for bile acid metabolism issues. (Jan 2019)

Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
I used a donor I knew to be able to fix bile acid metabolism. In the past, I did both oral and enema. After taking high dose iodine, which killed off the beneficial microbes I got from them, I decided to experiment with enema only vs oral this time around.

I also did one enema using filtered tap water, and the other with saline. I couldn't tell a difference.

I did one retention enema, getting it all the way to the cecum as usual. 1 week later I did another enema. A couple of days later I added fat back into my diet and it caused diarrhea, as usual. So the enema-only did not work. However, it did prevent the systemic symptoms which normally would have occurred within 15 minutes of eating fat. Such as heavy fatigue, head hurting/burning, and chest heavy/tight.

I experienced this same phenomenon with my first (ever) donor. Where enema-only FMT prevented symptoms that would usually occur within 15 minutes of the meal.

Next, I did capsules for 8 days (between 1-4 per day), and introduced fat on the 6th day. No diarrhea. Bile acid metabolism is restored.
I triple-encapsulated some of it, but I was working with frozen liquid so it was hard to crush it up small enough to fit in the capsules, so I just swallowed much of it.

Took them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with filtered tap water/saline.

In conclusion: I don't think enema/colon-only FMTs can be considered complete.

Oh, and this is a good example of how misinformation can be very harmful. I originally did not do top-down with the really good donor I found because I read misinformation that top-down causes SIBO-type problems. Then when I wanted to go back and use them for top-down they weren't available. This lead me to use dangerous, low-quality donors that gave me a bunch of new serious problems.

If you see misinformation, do something.

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