Doxycycline Advice


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May 13, 2024
I have been prescribed 14 pills of doxycycline twice a day for 7 days and 3 pills in my stomach is in pain and screaming. I don't want to take more because i try to trust my gut and it doesn't like this. my breath stinks and my stool has gone from being firm and solid to a disgusting nightmare. I am also worried because I feel like I have, in many ways that are convenient, won the genetic lottery and if those wins are are microbiotic instead of genetic I don't want to risk giving that up. Am I worrying too much for only 7 days?

Also if I do continue, should I eat prebiotic and/or probiotics? I have seen people saying that both are great and people saying both are terrible during and after antibiotics. I plan to read the literature more and understand a lot of this myself however, would appreciate any help giving that this is going to drive my actions within the next few days.
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