Vagina BV (bacterial vaginosis) prevention and treatment, and the vaginal microbiome. [Collection of info]

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Jul 6, 2023
Increasing evidence to suggest BV may be sexually transmitted (2017):

The Microbiome Composition of a Man's Penis Predicts Incident Bacterial Vaginosis in His Female Sex Partner With High Accuracy (Aug 2020, n=168 couples)

The association between receptive cunnilingus and bacterial vaginosis. High prevalence of bacterial vaginosis (BV) in lesbians. The evidence associating bacterial vaginosis with oral sex is too strong to be ignored and repeatedly dismissed. (2000):

'Oral' bacterium, Fusobacterium nucleatum, may disrupt the balance of the vaginal microbiome. May explain prior clinical links between oral sex and bacterial vaginosis (BV). (Aug 2020, mice and in vitro)

Association between vaginal washing and vaginal bacterial concentrations (2019). "vaginal washing was associated with a significantly higher likelihood of detection of BV associated bacterium in US women but not Kenyan women" - see discussion section for theories why.

Menstrual cups help prevent infection, improve vaginal health (Jul 2023) Analysis of bacterial vaginosis, the vaginal microbiome, and sexually transmitted infections following the provision of menstrual cups in Kenyan schools: Results of a nested study within a cluster randomized controlled trial

Diet & probiotics:
Diet plays important role in determining vaginal microbiome: - exact mechanisms unknown. Recommendations/guide for addressing the microbiome via diet here:

This wiki section has info on probiotic treatment/prevention, including using a tampon dipped in yogurt: - some studies show better results than standard treatment.

"its treatment using the antibiotics metronidazole or clindamycin often causes high recurrence rates" (2019):

Antibiotics also have other severe and long-term detriments:

Vaginal microbiome:
Vaginal microbiome plays an important role in pregnancy |

The vaginal microbiome's role in cervical cancer |

General vaginal microbiome wiki section

Review, 2017. BV, race, diversity, treatment, etc.:

A good general article on BV:

Science Discussion: We are medical doctors who are experts on sexual health. Let's talk about sex, reproduction, STIs, and everything you wish your high school health class had covered! -

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