Anyone here had a dramatic success with a FMT from OpenBiome, then struggled to get back to that level?


Apr 23, 2024
My first experience was through a FMT performed by my gastroenterologist, with bacteria suspension from OpenBiome, to treat C. diff. Not only did it get rid of that, it was a huge game changer in other areas of my health as well. You can read my full experience report at the following link, I won't duplicate it here:

Recently, I have read an archived post from a FMT board with someone who had a similar experience: Reading his experiences with Taymount, where I considered going after that experience above, made me not regret NOT doing that, as there's a good chance it would have been a waste of time and money. The short summary of the above link is, nobody else worked even close to as good as OpenBiome for him, though he didn't seem to have tried HMorg.

I imagine that there must be quite some people whose introduction to FMT was through OpenBiome--their reach was far enough that even though my gastroenterologist is on the West Coast, he sourced his transplants from them (they're in Massachusetts). I imagine that 50%+ of the FMTs performed in the US in the period 2014-2020 were probably through them in one way or another.

I'm curious to find out from other people who had significant success with OpenBiome--particularly but not exclusively those who may have had more than one good experience from them and/or had LESS successful experiences with at least one NON-OpenBiome FMT. What, if anything, ultimately worked as well as their FMT, especially in terms of HMorg donors (or other currently available donors in the US, if applicable)? Also as there anything special about HOW the other FMT was performed (route of administration, stool freezing/processing, etc.) that was required to match your OpenBiome experience in efficacy?